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So I was playing Shiverburn Galaxy in Mario Galaxy 2 and... · 3:57pm Mar 16th, 2013

I noticed something really weird. Here's an accurate picture of what I saw:

Okay so obviously we see the weirdness of the background in this picture, but here's some other weird things I noticed;
1. The background is different from other Galaxies. They usually have a cloudy or space theme. This has both.
2. Shiverburn Galaxy is in a canyon, something that's also weird.

These two things, after doing research, make a lot of sense and just add more questions. Here's the answer: the soundtrack is called HELL VALLEY SKY MELODY. WHAT!? That's pretty dark for a Mario game! What is this creepy nonsense?

Now for the main thing in the picture; WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE THINGS!? They're freaking creepy. I checked again and again, but they're just background, following you throughout the level with no explanation at all. I came across a guy who does something called "Creepy Gaming" who covered this certain alien watchers thing. I learned they were called "Hell Valley Sky Trees" and that they actually look like this:


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Comments ( 10 )

Old news is... really, really old.
Still creepy though.

924001 I don't ever look at Creepypasta or Gaming Secrets, so this is new to me.

At first I thought they were phallic people.

That's actually creepier. Are they just standing around, masturbating themselves to Mario?

I heard there was an glitch in production but thats just a rumor among my friends. Nice to see what people I know call the shadow-stalkers. Apparently they are in other games as well and just as hard if not harder to notice.

924029 Super Mario 3D Land is one.

924015 I can't decide if the post or this comic made me laugh harder.:rainbowlaugh:

That's creepy man :rainbowderp:

924030 Spotted one in Super Paper mario once on a space stage.

I found them in NSMBW I can't remember where though.

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