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II TrailBlazer II

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  • 433 weeks
    My OC's (update)

    So this Blog is where I will catalog all my OC's.

    ...Will be updates...

    Lets get started.

    II TrailBlazer II (Thanks to GrapeParfait for the pic)

    Gender: Stallion
    Race: Unicorn

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  • 437 weeks
    AMA #1


    When is your birthday?

    October somethin'erather...


    1. Are you a Latino for real?
    2. Do you like sauce?
    3. How do you say that thing we keep saying on Xbox? The thing with the cow.
    4. Assassin or Templar?

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  • 437 weeks
    AMA anyone?

    Im bored.... 1st A.M.A.
    Ask whatever.... Literally...

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  • 442 weeks
    Ignore this....

    Sup? Just that....
    Whats up?

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  • 455 weeks


    Yeah... so I was trying to find a good program... something, to make a human version of TrailBlazer. I found one that was... Okay... I am fine with it.
    (I am to lazy to draw!)
    So yeah... and if anypony knows of a good CAC program please let me know.
    (BTW golden knife... Bio knows.)

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My Drawing. · 9:05pm Mar 15th, 2013

Well, since ponyguy123 put up his art of Rainbow Dash, Here then I decided to give a shot at drawing. Tell me how it turns out. Here.
Yeah, Haven't colored it yet.

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Comments ( 17 )

No, he is wearing clothes.

Eh, Is whatever you want it to be.

Yep so I cant use magic untuil I heal.

921390 Awww look at little twilight, fell asleep while listing to music. :raritystarry:

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