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I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.

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    I always made promises I could not keep, especially when it came to writing. I very much enjoyed doing it, but I believe it is finally time for me to put this part of my life to rest for real, for good, forever. And this time I mean it.

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A Very Small Change · 3:55am Mar 14th, 2013

Instead of cancelling and deleting "Fear Through the Eyes of Madness" and "Me, You and the End", I have decided to put them on an indefinite hiatus.

I most likely will delete them, but that won't be until I can decide whether or not I feel like continuing them.

I already know that "The End" is going, as I have, unfortunately, lost all interest in the idea, and "Fear" will probably suffer the same fate.

I'm sure none of you care, but I still thought I'd make this aware.

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Comments ( 13 )

Aww...I cared about Fear...:pinkiesad2:


But, did you not read the post about it?
With the advent of this whole MLAW thing, I found it would be weird, since the story shares the same kind of thing with it, in that a writer controls the lives of the characters while they live out their own. It's nowhere near the exact same, and that will be revealed later in MLAW, but I'm still not sure about the whole thing.

917176 Well, so long as it may come up later.:twilightsmile:


I've just made up my mind.

"The End" will be deleted no matter what, and "Fear" will be completed.

Again, it wont be the same story as MLAW, and I'll probably have to make it painfully clear to anyone that notices a similarity between the two.

Happy reading, and I hope to have the new story up in a few hours, but I'm still deciding on whether to bust it out with an editor or not.

What do you think? You know, just to ask.

917183 I'd say it's always great to have an editor. Having someone look over it before and catch any mistakes can improve how it looks to people reading it for the first time.


Now my only problem is if I should stay with HenryAnthonyCourtler or find someone new for this story.

I might poke around, but that's not really you're problme, now is it?

Oh well.

I hope you enjoy "Fear" and MLAW when they arrive, and I'll see you around soon.

917196 See ya later then.:pinkiehappy:
By the way when I finish An Equestrian Journey would like to have the first look at whatever I'm writing next? I feel like you're always showing me new stuff, But I haven't had much to show you...:pinkiesad2:


Sure, man.
You know I'm always up for new stuff from you.

If you delete ANYTHING, I will kill you.
You mark it as cancelled and LEAVE IT. Somebody liked it, and they don't give a DAMN if you don't.





917264 *not sue if serious* Wow, I didn't even notice that I did that.:derpytongue2: I have so far enjoyed what you've written greatly, specifically what you aim to remove.

I have seen so many amazing stories DELETED because they were too lazy to change the status to CANCELLED.


(Not serious, just imitating, friend! It's all in good fun on this page!)

I am glad to hear that you've enjoyed what I've put out, as I'm sure anybody would, and thank you for pointing out that "Cancelled" is better than "Deleted". I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I also like what I put out, no matter how dickish that sounds! Ha ha!

The reality is that "Me, You and the End" has a less than twenty-percent chance of being comtinued, but I'll definitely keep in mind what you have said.

Also, keep your eyes on the lookout for a new story coming soon!

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