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I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.

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Public Speaking (Or, talking to any large groups) · 1:42am Mar 12th, 2013

I am a person of many things. I won't bore you and go into too much detail, but a big one is that I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I know what you're thinking, and it sounds alot like "SHUT THE FUCK UP! NOBODY CARES!", and you're all probably nodding your heads now at how awesome it was that I had just read your minds. Unfortunately, unlike most of my other blog posts, there is a point to all of this.

So, yeah. I've got no problem speaking my mind. That's cool, and certainly something that could help out in life, but that's the good part to this whole post. The bad part is that I can't seem to talk infront of large groups of people.

Yes, large groups of people staring directly at me are my kryptonite. It fucking sucks.

It's like, think about a time when you wanted to yell something at somebody, and you tell all your friends about it, but whenever the guy walks by, you never say anything, instead choosing to keep the insult to yourself. Yeah, it sucks, and that's almost exactly what my problem feels like.

People claim to have developed techniques to reduce the anxiety of such a thing, but it's either that none of then work, or I just don't want to try them out. I mean, seriously. If I've got to speak infront of a group of guys, the last thing I'm gonna want to do is think of them in theier boxers, because then I'll be putting all my attention in trying to get the people in my head to put some damn clothes on, and it would just be a mess. However, if it were a group of ladies, I'd probably be too focused on the fact that there's a group of half-naked chicks standing infront of me, and then it'll just get weird for everyone.

Anyways, enough of me bitching about life and stuff. Sorry if this post doesn't serve any pirpose to you at all and ends up just clogging your notifications, but if you have the same problem, or at least one like it, I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Hell, I don't even know where this post came from. Boredom, I guess.

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This is everyone problem, it's why public speaking is the one thing worse than math...:raritydespair:


Really? I always felt like it was just me and a few other people?

And, math isn't too hard...

But, still, public speaking sucks, and I like making longer blog posts!

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