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At the End Commentary: Chapter 21 · 7:01pm Mar 4th, 2013

This entry contains spoilers for its corresponding chapter of At the End. Be warned...

<--Previous Chapter Commentary *-* Next Chapter Commentary -->

Listen as I go into long, drawn-out tangents, threaten Sunny the Cat, and I give the scientists observing me reason to lock me up forever.


Commentary Notes
Don't count on regular updates anymore
Legends of the Lost Days
SCP Foundation
Sleeping Luna picture at the wedding
Farlands or Bust
Silent Ponyville

I goofed and called Azazel and Broodwing Royal Guardponies. They are Night Guards, not Royal Guardponies.
And the word you were looking for was Aspergers, not Autism.
The Farlands were eliminated with the 1.8 update

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Comments ( 6 )

I rember reading about the farlands. Very weird stuff.:rainbowwild:

Yay! A new chapter! I'll be back later for the commentary.

Whoa 49mins let see what we got...

1) D&D as a running theme for upcoming projects
What's not to like about stories with D&D inspired elements? I personally prefer Shadowrun what with all the technology and Internet stuff, but I don't know many people who outright hate classic fantasy goodness. Only thing that ever bothered me was listening to my players whine that their character died. Well if you liked them so much, maybe you shouldn't have got'em killed. Being a GM aint all its cracked up to be, but I digress.

2) Upcoming Military story
An estimated 200pgs of notes for preproduction! My advice is get a binder....

3) Legend of the Lost Days
Sleep deprivation is the best muse

4) Sunny The Cat
"I'm going to sell you to Rarity, and turn you into carpet" (Nuff' said) XD

5) Chapter Notes
-Now I finally understand why you've been mentioning that the Crafter hasn't slept, Dream Scrying Magic is OP
-From the perspective of your average reader, It certainly seems like Barricade has an important role to play. Very interesting to hear your thoughts otherwise
-Celestia as a paladin?! Always thought of her more as an Archmage, but I see what you mean.
-M.C. Escher as the architect of the Farlands, good analogy. (Another World too good)
-21 chapters and you ran out of names, geez who do you think you are?!
-Characters that feel "the same", I think most people who browse FIMfiction have run into this particular issue
-Twilight is popping pills, and Pinkie is the most sane. At first I laughed, then I thought about it...... :twilightoops:

6) Blog Review
Overall you seemed much more comfortable and directed with your discussions this time around. Which I think resulted with a more thought provoking audio blog. As for your concern for going off on tangents, it honestly was never that bad. These sorts of issues will sort themselves out as you continue producing these blogs.

I am actually including elements of Shadowrun. Fun thought.

I use gDocs and a shitload of hyperlinks to track what is going on. I have a setting and a beginning, but I don't yet know how it's supposed to end. Or middle. Can middle be a verb? Why not, it is now. I middle.

Names? I'm not sure what you are talking about.

More comfortable? It helps that I used Audacity to record this instead of Vocaroo. I edited out my long pauses and loud intakes of breath. :pinkiesmile:

Also, new SCP entry



Names? I'm not sure what you are talking about.

I was kind of vague there, my mistake. I was referring to your mentioning of using a pony name generator in some instances. I'm beyond crummy at making believable sounding names in any setting, let alone the oddities of pony naming conventions. So how you or any FIMfiction writer manages the task is beyond me. :derpyderp2:

SCP-026 - Conflagration

All of these SCP discussions over the past few days has rekindled my interests in this world/setting. That being said the Foundation should keep better track of disgruntled class D personnel, so many avoidable deaths XD

It was just something I did for fun, but it caused a big stir. I'm planning an SCP fic right now. I have eight planned SCPs to include, most original to Equestria. One of them is complete Nightmare Fuel.

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