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    I'm sorry if I don't finish

    I've been so caught up with life and everything that I have barely got any time whatsoever to finish Twilight's Unfaithful Student but I really do want to finish it.

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    My laptop died

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    Past, Present and Future...

    Wise words from Burdy:
    Most people, err, ponies, focus so much on the past, that they end up tripping on the stick that is the present, and falling face first into the pile of dog shit that is the future.

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    Things about me you might find interesting

    General stuff:
    My name is Evan Burdick though most people call me Burdy and don't actually know my real name

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Git-Err-Dun · 1:21am Mar 1st, 2013

So anyway I was thinking today when I was cleaning out the turbine mixer "What would happen if I just died for whatever reason? Who would tell all the readers that I died?"
So I came to this conclusion that if no one hear's from me or if I'm not continuing my stories then the likely hood is that I'm dead. It'll be pretty shitty but it'd probably be commical at the same time (I know people say "Death isn't funny") but don't get me wrong I love life and am grateful for being alive but my death would probably be commical. Like the one time at the autoshop I was grinding rust off a front end of a truck and this guy comes up to me (High as fuck) and lights my coveralls on fire. I didn't notice until I felt the heat then looked to see that my pant leg was ablaze and ran around like Ricky Bobby "I'm on fire, oh god I'm on fire" which resulted in several laughs and some minor burns on my leg but it was kind of commical if I think about it looking from the outside. So yeah that's pretty much it so 'Git-err-dun'

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Comments ( 8 )

You died? Well shit that sucks, hows the after life? Hope you don't die on us Im loving your stories.


If you do die i claim your computern!

You better not die on me yet, not for a good long while.:twilightangry2: You still have to bring me more stories like secret crush and L'n'H, also bringing more songs back to memory!:fluttercry::flutterrage: Once you've done this then you have my permission to die.:moustache:
Your truely, xXCondemnedSoulxx

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dont die!!! :fluttercry:

If you died and had a choice, would you go to Equestria and continue posting?:rainbowhuh:

877152 Yes. Well I don't know about going to Equestria... I like eating meat and..... I have a new story Idea but anyways, I promise to try my best not to get grinded up in the turbine at work and get chopped into cow chow (Tee-hee, it rhymes:rainbowlaugh:) If the somewhat quite possible death of me bestows us then I promise that I'll o my best to try and find an internet connection in the afterlife to keep posting stuff

879149 Squeee!:yay: applause
But what if you stayed with the gryphons? You could still eat meat and maybe visit Mane 6 and Co. Maybe you could snag some Chaos energies while going through the dimensional shift?:rainbowderp: <-- story idea?

880461 How about... ponies start disapearing in the more tropical part of the Everfree. Celestia tasks the mane 6 with finding the lost ponies and they encounter a group of ponies (With Trixie) who claim to know where the missing ponies are but soon it turns out that it's like a giant anaconda that eats ponies and the group has to escape the forest before they all get eaten? Sounds kind of like Anaconda but it seemed like a pretty cool idea

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