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Taking requests · 5:10am Feb 25th, 2013

I am now taking requests to ghetto-out fics. Send me the link and ill do it for free. Any genre, anytime!


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Comments ( 18 )

well i got a fic but i have to think about it

ghetto? how do you mean?

864002. Though dat was her highlight of tha day, mine was just moments ago. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Biatch has now come accustom ta chillin up in her own room versus wit me up on tha couch. I muthafuckin stopped chillin up in mah room, n' kept her company up in tha livin room up until recently. Now I can chill on mah own bed once mo' yo, but I keep mah door unlocked, so if she needz me, dat thugged-out biiiatch can git mah dirty ass. I had just tucked her tha fuck into bed n' holla'd at her git tha fuck outta ma bidnizz when her big-ass booty holla'd dat shit.
"Git tha fuck outta ma bidnizz daddy. I gots a straight-up boner fo' yo thugged-out ass."
I haven't been on tha internizzle in, what, three muthafuckin years now biatch? I don't know how tha fuck tha My fuckin Little Pony thang online is bustin, and what tha fuck memes is still kickin it and not. But damn it all, I'm gonna say it cause it's true biaaatch! My fuckin heart exploded twice biaaatch! For tha straight-up original gangsta time, not only did dat thugged-out biiiatch call me daddy, which she has done on occasion yo, but she even holla'd... "I gots a straight-up boner fo' yo thugged-out ass."

This is when Dashie says "I lone you, daddy." in My Little Dashie.

uhhh...i skipped to the bottom of the comment because that was really wierd

my mortal big brother

864618. Should I PM it to you or what?

dunno whatever you want


well how about Mlp vetnaim sound good to you the getto black mand and the pony ?


its in my stories that im goint ot publish i will send it to you some time


alright then write a getho version of my fic Here


Sounds interesting.. Going to think about it.

880563 I await your decision.


880610 Alright. If you're really capable and have time to do it, can you please do the ghetto version of this? I don't think it would be possible, due to the story line. Anyway, thanks for taking requests to do this! Always remember if you can't do it, it's alright, I completely understand.


880610 Would you ghetto-out my fic, How To Truly Enjoy Your Breakfast? It's about Fluttershy eating a bagel.

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