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Something Like A 'Parting Gift' Story -- New Uploaded Fanfic Thing (Please Read) · 8:36pm Feb 20th, 2013

After My Picture Fades

This is the long-awaited sequel fic thing to When You Fall, I Can't Catch You. I've really felt, like I said in the past blog post, some really mixed feelings about the fandom and the way in which things of gone, with me drifting apart from the fandom as my feelings change (very similar to falling out of romantic love with someone). But I do really want this published, and I hope that lots of people look at it.

Like its prequel fic, this is largely a memoir. Right now, I'm making something like a 'soft exit', where I'm not abandoning ponies entirely, but I'm sort of disengaging while only popping in every so often. So, I'm kind of saying 'goodbye', but not entirely. Like I've said so many times before, I just love all of you guys.

*gives tender hugs*

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*gives you a bro hug*

Never say never, or better said nothing is final.

I just hope you will have happiness in your life whatever you do. :pinkiesmile:

Have a pic:


*gives you the most tender hug you've ever received*

love you, i hope you have a good time. those near and dear to your heart are always close by no matter how far away they are.

and you will always be near and dear to our hearts. *sniff* i think i just got myself in the feels. *ALL OF THE HUGS*

As before, I truly wish you all the best in life and that you continue your own pursuit of happiness the best way you can -- though you may no longer be around, I still fully intend to review your stories as soon as I can :raritywink:.

I'm really really happy for you that you were able to find some sort of outlet the way you did - through these stories, in being able to put yourself out there and vent all of these things in a creative way, and help you like that. I sincerely hope you continue to do this....that you continue to find new ways of taking care of yourself, and become even better then ever; that you can look back at these old stories, and see just how much you have grown since then.

Though you may no longer be around, I hope this doesn't mean you are giving up writing entirely - I suppose that's one of the most important things I can say to a writer...that, though you may no longer be here, that you never forget the stories you wrote, what they meant, and what they did for you...even if you never write for ponies ever again, hopefully it doesn't mean you will give up writing entirely...and even if you do, I hope you can remember what these stories meant, and that they can have the same effect once again.

I truly wish you all the best in life, and that you continue to strive to make things better for yourself in every way you can....people may disagree with your choices, but as long as you can look back and say you made what you thought was the best possible choice at the time, then it's all good, and that's what you should always do....doing things for the right reasons and their isn't a bigger one then what makes you happy; as I said before, their is simply no good reason to hurt yourself for what amounts to nothing.

And if you truly do make the leap to a female, my respect for you will break the stratosphere....because it takes an unbelievable amount of courage to make that leap, especially after all the struggles it took to get there. You are already an amazing individual for being able to grow past the struggles that you have so far...if you truly believe making that leap is what's going to lead you to your happiness, then by all means go for it....there is a difference between being content and being happy, and we often have to risk our being safe and content in order to reach our pinnacle happiness - if making the leap to female is going to bring you there, then I'm cheering loudly for you....because it would mean you have finally figured yourself enough to realize that this was who you really are; always were...it's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about anymore then the growth you have made thus far -- people may gape at the 'extremity' of it, but it doesn't matter because YOU know why you did what you did, and you did it for nothing less then the right reasons, what you thought was best...i.e, what you knew was going to make you happy...and there's never a better way to make a decision.

Either way, you are an amazing individual and your affection for the people who read your stories is entirely mutual and completely reciprocated - as always, do your best, take care of yourself, and if you ever return to this place, I'm sure it will be as a person vastly wiser and happier for himself....we'll all be waiting for you :heart:

*Hugs* Why is everyone leaving?:raritydespair::raritycry::pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

Love you, dear. I'm honored to know you as close as I did. I look forward to pestering you on Skype for a long time to come.

You did good son, real good.

You are a mentor to every brony; for your L&T, your helpfulness, your stories.
May you find interest again, someday.
For now... I shall add you on Skype, where I won't send you anything, but reminding me of who you are.

Time to blog.

Have fun doing whatever you may choose to do in the future, bro. Thanks for being a genuinely nice and cool dude.

*Grabs you around the torso and lifts you, with a little spin to boot, in the biggest hug you have ever received*

Here is a semi-parting gift my friend.
*bro hugs*

Glad to see you haven't fully given up on ponies. All the same we'll miss you. :fluttershysad:

You know I joined this fandom not to long ago. I was drawn in by the kindness of many of its members. I decided to do something very abnormal for me. I decided to reach out in trust and say that every brony was my friend.
Starting up a animation group I worked hard a brought together over thirty five people together...all brony. We were set to make fan made shorts and such. I was quit happy at having so many friends.
Then I was betrayed. My second stabbed me in the back and tried to push me out of my position.
It hurt but instead of letting the group fall apart with the struggle I stepped aside.
That group no longer exists.
For a time I was angry against other brony. I did not show it but I felt it. I stopped talking and went back to being alone.
I stopped watching episodes and reading pony comics.
It just hurt to of trust and then be betrayed.
However one day I accidentally opened a link to the Smile Smile song.
I remembered
I remembered how I had laughed
and joked
and even shed a tear or two
I remembered why I came into this fandom
At first I may of checked on it for the show but in the end I stayed for the friends
My fellow brony
We cannot let those few bad things ruin the good.
Whenever you come back Just know that we will be here to give you a brohoof and a hug
cause its not the show that makes us brony
it is our friends.
( I have not read one of your stories yet but I think I will now...something tells me Ill enjoy them)

Oh, FoxManLadyPal. I'm so sad to hear you go, but I'm happy you've decided to trek past what holds you down and continue living your life. We all reach those moments, and they hurt, but it's always healthy if it makes us grow.

I'm thankful for you, in many ways; I'm sure we all are! I joined this website a mere month after I began watching FiM, that was only last november. Thanks to some stories on 4chan's /mlp/ board, I decided to sign up to show my appreciation to the authors rather than just read and leave. Yours were some of the first that I read before and after joining up. I remember searching for you specifically because of your Swiper avatar, it was too cute. But, aside from your stories, I just generally enjoyed reading your blogs. It's nice to see that kind of stuff, where an author will openly communicate with their fans, I loved that about you. I know other authors post blogs, but... YOU WERE MY FIRST! /drama:duck:

As heartbreaking as they were to read, your more personal blogs are what made me (and probably your more active fanbase) feel so connected to you. As much as we all share them, I always just wanted to hug ya as you kept spilling your guts about your therapy, challenges in life, etc. It sucked, but it always made me feel warm how much confidence you had to just throw that stuff out there to us. That's really inspiring to me. You're a very brave person for that, and I thank and salute you for it.

I only wish I'd gotten into all of this sooner. It's only been a few months for me, but I wish I could just go back in time to keep up with you from the beginning. I'll really miss you, pal. Even though I came in during your off time, you're still one of my favorite people here.

Hope to see you elsewhere, FoxManLadyPal. Have a good time with your life, we wish you all the best. :moustache:

You're gonna come back and talk to me every now and again right?


^^This!^ What this guy said! Everything he said!

Glad to see your not leaving us all together.
I hope things continue to improve for you!
*crushing bear hug*
I hope your muse returns to you in some form, even if its not ponies.


Thank you very much :pinkiesmile: I meant every word....he's an amazing individual, and very often, people like that just need a little reminder :raritywink:

No problem!:twilightsmile:
He indeed is!

Yeah... I would accept the hugs except I don't do large amounts of physical contact very well. So have a brohoof.

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