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Writing prompt challenge! · 3:36am Feb 19th, 2013

I'm working myself into a rut, ladies and gents. My fingers are getting slow, my brain is getting dusty, and writing is becoming a chore again.

Time to mix things up.

I need something fresh and short to sink my teeth into. 1000-2000 word oneshot is what I'm promising. To be finished either Wednesday or Thursday (since schools tmmrw). Toss me some ideas. Prompt me! Give me a challenge! Watch me fail horribly at it! Sell tickets for ten bits apiece! The choice is yours!

Silly, serious, romantic, or downright insane, I'll take anything. I just got finished reading a Cthulu Scootaloo fic, so I know theres no limits on what is possible. Or just chuck the kitchen sink at me. On second thought, don't. There's already a fic for that.

So what have we got?

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Hmmm.... how about "Spike has to move out of Ponyville to attend a college in Canterlot"?

Ponyville is invaded by living jello and chocolate rain. Tay Zonday narrates and hilarity and stuff. . . :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm... Let me dig into my "Ideas for Future Fics" folder and see which ones you could do in so little time.

-A ponified version of the "Who's on First" skit
-An MLP :FiM themed episode of "behind the music" where we see what the actors who play the Mane 6 are REALLY like
-The CMC steal a book of dark magic that promises to bring forth an avatar of destruction. The next morning, they're an alicorn. Not three different alicorns, they're all sharing one alicorn body.

I think that last one was only notable because I was going to have the three of them visit Zecora and arrive while she was gathering parts of a fern and include the line:

"What is this creature with coat of white, yellow and orange
who comes before me while gather some sporange"

And then in the author's note I would have been all "Yeah, that's right, there is a word that rhymes with orange. Eat it, Zecora haters!"

A pony adaptation/crossover of MacGruber


Rather like this one too :)

Discord makes all the wine that's going to be served at a dinner with out-of-country representatives about five times as alcoholic as it was before. Nobody knows about it until they're in pain the next morning.

Anything goes.

The ballad of Yoloswag the great.... A middle class white (douchebag) teenager is transported to Equestria.... where he promptly gets the shit beaten out of him, and eventually learns the value of friendship.

A day in the Life of Fluttershy, no episode type stuff, just an average day for her.

Rainbow Dash gets around a lot. In a big city like Cloudsdale, this wouldn't be much of a problem, but Ponyville is small and Dash has just finished sleeping her way though every mare of the sapphic inclination in town. Somewhat frustrated and looking to expand her dating pool, she goes to pester Big Macintosh for advice on how best to pick up straight mares. Mac gets extremely frustrated tying to explain to an oblivious Rainbow exactly why things don't work like that.

A pony wakes up with no memory and finds their own dead body in their home.

Ok, what about this: an earth pony jealous of the flying abillity pegasus and now a unicord posses, decides to start building airplanes, going from early biplanes to WWII fighters and ultimately leading to an early jet aircraft (Me-262, Salamander or Meteor), which he/she uses to challenge to a race both Spitfire and RD.

FancyPants going bankrupt! Or Snip and Snail rescue rangers?
Maybe? A diamond dog, a changeling and a griffon are in a bar...
Why not Thunderlane blind date with Zecora ?
Applejack is a serial killer who mutilate her victims so she can recreate her mom and dad?
Pinkie need to have her wisdow teeth remove and dont want to.
Lyra Heartstring, grim reaper, need to collect Bonbon?

Mane 6 as princesses with Celestia and Luna as students to Twilight.

"If Twilight Sparkle didn't exist, it would have been necessary to invent her"
A world where there never was a purple unicorn, but for some reason everpony acts as though she did.

The bumbling Chancellor Puddinghead has accidentally found him/her self in a major scandal, and it's up to Smart Cookie to get him/her out of it.
Reformed Discord somehow meets non-reformed Discord and preaches the magic of friendship to the poor fellow.
Flam is jealous that his brother gets all the attention. PLOTS HIS DOOM!
A maniacal Rarity forces Rainbow Dash to dress in style. I even have an unused cover drawn for that!

Actually, here's a selection of my (effectively) unused covers that I think will make for a nice short story:
Twilight and Chrysalis swapped bodies. Hilarity ensues.
Princess Cadence comes babysitting with Twilight for the first time.
Twilight snapped and proceeds to burn down a DMV.
Spike's rather biased retelling of the Grand Galloping Gala.

Wow, I drew Twilight a lot there! Not biased at all... So! That's all off of the top of my head at the current moment, hope that helped. :twilightsmile:

I really like this idea, but not for 1000-2000 word fic. Maybe just because I recently played Ghost Trick

If Dawnscroll doesn't use the "Revenge of the Pony-sat" idea, Do you mind if I shamelessly steal it? Because, honestly, that picture is so awesome that it's seriously stirring up ideas.

Thank you, I'm happy that you've found my little painting inspiring. :twilightsmile: And I really don't mind at all! Go nuts with it, I would really love to see that idea come to life.

Princess Celestia hasn't had a special somepony for a long, long time, and becomes very distracted (and a little conflicted) during a magic lesson for Twilight.

845859 845746 Hey, hey! I never said that I wasn't using it! Truthfully, I haven't even looked at-

**looks at the picture and spits his tea out all over his screen* YOU DID THAT ONE?! Oh my god... that is one of my fav fav favorite ones I had no freaking clue. I had no... how did I not... why do I not look at the artist's name for the pics I like? Sorry, fanboy moment there, its done now. Im good.

:fluttercry: Now I really want to do it. Maybe not now, but as a short series, or SOMETHING....

But I feel that certain stories need to be written by capable hands. I'm not sure Id be able to do a story like that justice. Eakin, toss me a PM so we can talk. If anyone can do it...:raritycry:

*pours over the rest of the ideas that everyone else submitted, grinning at a couple of them* I think I can chew over a few of these. Now to just keep it in the 1000 to 2000 range.

How about this one:
"Discord is back and reformed(tm) so why does Screwball still sit at his old pedestal in the Canterlot sculpture garden?"

Thanks for the complements, and I'm glad that you liked it! I have no idea how much of the people around here would be familiar with my art, so it's always a pleasant surprise to find out (Read: Ye gods some of my favorite authors likes my stuff I'm gonna die of happiness now :pinkiecrazy:).

On the idea itself, we were going on the hypothetical assumption that you'd skip the idea, but it's certainly still open if you still wish to use it. Let me know if/when you've worked something out with Eakin. :twilightsmile:

Serious Winonascence shipfic.

A new fruit has come to Equestria! Ponies fear and shun it as trailblazers try to convince them it's safe to eat while hucksters show off the damage caused by eating said fruit! (Look up the history of the tomato):pinkiehappy:

Twilight lost the Elements of Harmony.

Cheerilee gets sick, so Rainbow Dash fills in. :rainbowderp:

Somepony (Twilight or Cadance possibly; Sweetie Belle even...) finds a "soul-bonding" spell in the depths of Canterlot library and decides to try it our on her special somepony/ a close friend's special somepony because it sounds all so terribly romantic (possibly after reading some dodgy romance fiction that harps on about soul-bonds and how they are Best Love at whatnot).

Kicker - the spell was accidently misfiled because of the innocuous name from the forbidden magic (necromancy) section. Because it actually does bond souls. But not romantically or emotionally. Oh no.

"Bond" as in ""glue."

Hilarity ensues.

While somepony spends the time trying to work how to cancel the spell (originally used by evil necromancers to stick souls together for other subsequent vile soul-transformation spells and whatnot), the unfortunate recipients have to deal with the fact that are literally unable to physically seperate, as they are glued together by their souls...

Why is it even when I try a simple gag-based suggestion it ends up being horribly over-complicated...!

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