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    Merry Christmas

    That's all. No particular news or announcements, no new stories, just felt like it was something that should be said. I hope everyone is making the most of their holiday season, whatever it may mean to them.

    So, Merry Christmas.

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    Going pretty well, actually

    I haven't updated since I started my draft, have I? Well, I've been dedicating my writing time almost exclusively to Perfect for Me Too, and things are looking good. I'm about 80% done with the first draft (not 80% of the way to the end, though - the missing bits are mostly supporting and transitional scenes scattered throughout), and it's shaping up to be in the area of 50k words. I'm happy with

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    The Chapter Nobody Asked For!

    At least, I'm pretty sure nobody did. Ever wonder what the rest of The Prim Rose of Palamino Vale was like? Well, even if you did, you won't want to know after you've read this excerpt. Not safe for work. It's as explicit as it sounded, and you really don't want to have to explain this one to your coworkers if you start laughing.

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    Coming Unstuck

    It sucks to be stuck like I was. Nobody should have to go through wanting--not just knowing it’s something you should get around to, but really actually wanting--to do something for over a year, and yet somehow just... not. But I know, being a reader myself, that it’s an alarmingly common condition. I’m still in constant danger of slipping back into it myself, but finishing Perfect For Me

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    Finally, with apologies

    The last chapters of Perfect For Me are up. I told you I'd finish it. Worth waiting a year for? I wouldn't go that far. But at least worth reading.

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A Perfectly Ordinary Day Indeed · 6:12am Feb 18th, 2013

The first thing that greeted the purple mare, however, was not on any of her checklists. (At least, none of the ones she had brought with her.) Not a hundred feet from the door of her library lay a forlorn-looking heap of cerulean blue. A six-colored mane was matted damply against its coat with what might have been blood, and a wing jutted unnaturally from the pile like a tattered flag.

S2E16: Barely a week after publishing the story, this happens.

Twilight watched with a growing mixture of horror and fascination as, one by one, the reflections joined in with their own tunes. Soon, the room was filled with the joyous sounds of a Pinkie Pie musical number, starring Pinkie Pie, with Pinkie Pie providing the background vocals.

S3E03: Fun?

"You don't usually take that much time unless Trixie sneaks into your room at night to challenge you to... whatever it is you two do in there..."

S3E5: A magic duel! Of course that's what I meant.

"Oh no you don't!" Twilight's magically-enhanced voice echoed deafeningly off the walls of the tiny room. A fearful "eep" vanished under the bed, taking a yellow pegasus with it, but the sound was drowned out by the alicorn's tirade. "Fluttershy is the kindest, most innocent pony I know, and more importantly, she's my friend! And I'm not going to let some human she just met sweet-talk his way into her bedroom just so he can... so he can..."

S3E10: Hopefully, this is the closest we'll ever see to a human in Equestria.

Her brush made its way down her crest, teasing away the quandaries, and onto her wings. She lifted them absently to reach-

Wait, wings?

S3E13: Obviously, it was going to be one of those days.

"Rejoice, citizens of Ponyville, for the time of darkness has passed! From this moment forward, the daylight will be eternal! Rejoice and give praise to your goddess, Queen Inferno Blaze!"

S4E??: They wouldn't. Would they?

Comments ( 7 )

I wouldn't rule it out. We have all suspected that there where some kind of outside influence behind nightmare moon

Would be pretty ballsy. Personally, I'd love to see them make Celestia a villain. If done right, it would truly be the most epic thing ever. I can see it now! The Nightmare would return and, with her connection to the Elements lost, Celestia would be easily possessed. It would be up to the Mane 6 to bring her down, but alone they will be defeated. No, they must return with all the friends they've ever made over the entire series: Luna, Discord, Shining and Cadance, Zecora, the manticore, Trixie, the Wonderbolts, Iron Will, the buffalo, Big Macintosh, the Cutie Mark Crusader Villain Vanquishers, and anypony else who wants to tag along! With the power of their friendship combined with Twilight's new alicorn powers, the bearers of the Elements would become the very Elements that they wield, being absorbed by Twilight and empowering her even further! She would then fight Nightmare Celestia in an over-the-top 40 minute action sequence filled to the brim with explosions before dealing the finishing blow, banishing the Nightmare into the void, never to be seen from again!

Seriously, why has this not been written yet?

>Celestia being made a villain


They wouldn't do that. For the young minds that watch the show, Celestia is seen as like the god-figure that's a kind, trusting mentor people trust. To have her turn into a villain would basically be saying "You can't trust anybody then."

And for the record, I never bought in to the whole outside influence for NMM. They never said how long she was jealous, it could've been hundreds of years even. Regardless, jealousy drives people/ponies to do extreme things.

Friendship is Magic: The Movie (it'll happen - it has to happen!) won't be complete without some epic action scenes. I don't know if they'd manage to squeeze in an alicorn duel, but it would definitely be the best thing ever if they did.

Having her turn evil of her own volition is absolutely out. Totally agree on that. Possession/corruption is an option, but I really think you're right. Celestia is, and should remain, an incorruptible figure of good, considering their target audience. I was just being a smartarse. :trollestia:

I'm just gonna say how scary it is that the one (one) story has predicted so much in the show thus far...

Quick! Write more prophetical wonders! :trollestia:

Synopsis of comic issue #7: "The new Nightmare Moon has revealed herself... and captured our stunned Ponies! With time running short for Equestria before a full-scale invasion, the only hope lies with... Spike?! And what role will Princess Luna play?" Hoo boy. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/02/fluttershy-micro-comic-and-issue-7.html

849057 as i said. also, how do you attain these comics. cus i want them bad

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