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Thoughts on "Magical Mystery Cure" · 5:04am Feb 18th, 2013

This has been a very polarizing episode. To be frank, to me it was heavily rushed and had a lot of what might have been happening cut out. This is likely due to the Execs wanting to finish up the season quickly and turning what should have been a two parter into a single episode and thus it suffered from it.

If I use this in my fics, it is very likely going to be expanded upon in the background. For example, Twilight is very likely going to do research into what exactly the spell might do before she even thinks of casting it like we've seen her before. In other instances, she studied first before performing a powerful spell after all. Twilight is also likely to layer protection over protection in the room where she performs it for the simple reason to be sure, and then she males sure that no one else is there that could be effected by the spell (like what happened in the episode when she cast it with no one around). Is she going to not worry about the EoH? Not really, but she'll dismiss her thoughts since not even Discord was able to do anything to them.

On Celestia, she might well have an idea as to what the spell is supposed to do, but can't figure out how to fix it. She's been around for so long that she's set in her ways and recognizes this. But she still worked at it for a simple reason...

She's lonely.

She has lived for centuries and seen many, many friends pass away due to old age while she hasn't aged at all. The only Alicorns in existence is her and Luna with later Cadence. And Cadence she worries about because one day, Shining will die from old age if nothing else and she fears for what that might do.

So, she turns to the one unicorn whose knowledgeable and powerful enough to fix the spell and whom she can trust fully.

Twilight Sparkle.

After all, Twilight approaches every new bit of magic with fresh eyes and excitement. She's still brimming with imagination, a strong will to succeed, and most importantly, able to see things and consider ones that Celestia herself might have missed or dismissed out of hoof. If anypony could do it, it would have to be Twilight Sparkle. And if it does turn ponies into Alicorns, then Celestia, Luna, and Cadence would never have to be lonely again and, in time, perhaps their subjects as a whole might join them if they wish.

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1 word, 5 background appearances: Derpy.

...And if it does turn ponies into Alicorns...

What about humans Harry Potter? :trixieshiftright:

I don't look to deep into this. It has more to do with my thought process in approaching mlp. I view it as a kids show. it was meant for children. It was meant too be easy for them to grasp. I figured out shortly after watching it that Twilight was probably going to become an alicorn at some point. Why? her mark. Her mark was Magic. That is incredibly vague. it is like having the Sun or the Moon for a mark. It could literally mean anything, as long as it has a connection to that element. But it was pointed out Time and time again that her mark meant magic. Well, only three others in the show have marks that literally represent what they mean.

Celestia, Cadence, and Luna. Those who don't believe me I make this point. Hasbro, did not make this show for anyone over the age of 12. They made this show geared towards kids. This is probably why the toy line is as screwed up as it is. With that in mind, they are not going to put in some subtle over reaching plot. They are going to be nice and forward in an attempt to hold the attention of the children watching. If you keep this in mind then all the changes make a lot more sense.

842402 Applejack's is literal. It's as straightforward as she is.

No subtle over-arching plot? The book that had Star-swirl's spell in it was seen at the end of S3 E2. They had this planned for a while. This was also just the end of an arc that began with Luna's return, watching her acquire the skills needed for her to reach that next level. From here, who knows. This was the curtain on the first act. This is only the beginning.

Sigh* You do know that is basic for-shadowing right? I have different standards when it comes to plot development, for-shadowing, and hidden items. I will be blunt, I think on a different level than most of you, literally. I got doctors reports that prove this. As a result certain thing pop out as obvious to me. I have a habit of picking apart stories and characters. I look at them and say is this good? will this work? It is a reason why my fics take so long for me to write. I still do not have a clear idea on how Naruto and Twilight should act and behave in my story "Naruto Rhymes".

But I am off topic. The point is that this show is not really subtle. Like I said, it is geared towards kids. Are kids going to watch it if the episodes lack action and randomness and instead are just there are solid episodes focused on plot development? no, not really. Are there hints in the episode of things to come? Yes, but they are such that a kid can actually point them out. A smart kid, but still.

The message MLP Presents? Lets take a look at that. This Episode was primarily about the theme "a friend in need." Some may look at this like it is some deep wisdom. I look at it and see something I herd all the time growing up. A proverb that is much older than the show. They just presented it in a way that children understand. Really, not subtle.

I think the biggest reason that the show has it's fanbase is because of three things. One) The characters have personalities that you might find in real life. In fact I would be surprised if many of you new someone you could easily call Rarity or Rainbow Dash.
Two) Each lesson is something you can relate to. Some of them are even what you would call "I would Give" moments. I am sure all of you have a memory or two of a time when you did something stupid when you were younger. Something you look at and go "I would give anything to go back and erase that moment."
Three) The Sayings and proverbs, the basis for many of the lessons, are things that we have experienced our selves at some point or another. They are well known, parents use their own stories of such incidents to try and teach their children but really it is only something to be lived through.

Well, that is my opinion on the subject. Granted a good few of you are probably looking at the post thinking "WTF Mate" well I told you I thought differently than you. Not better, just different.

For all we know, Alicorns are not normally immortal. For all we know, Cadance [and now Twilight] might be lesser Alicorns; powerful but mortal. Immortality might come from the powers of the Sun and the Moon, not being an Alicorn. We simply have too little exposure to Alicorns in general to know for sure. Personally, i'm waiting for the Princess [or maybe Prince] of the Earth to complete the Tri. Sun, Moon and Earth.

For the purposes of writing, then those who have Twilight as a unicorn should continue to use her as such UNLESS they have a very clever and convenient plot development that changes Twilight to an alicorn according to their story. Some stories do this very well (Past Sins), so it isn't impossible.

As for the thematic developments, I thought it would make more sense if Twilight was turned into an alicorn temporarily, which would set up that having friends is much better than having power. Maybe they will do it in season 4, but as for know....meh.

Yeah it turns out that the fourth season is going to start the other two parts to this episode. ^^ I heard a rumer that this episode is a three parter and that the other two episodes are going to be the opening episodes for season 4

I liked the episode but when I think about it there are thousands of problems. Like what does Twilight do now? Does she raise the stars? Is she like Cadence, spreading friendship? Is it wise to trust an entire kingdom to somepony who goes nuts when she's late? Celestia saw what was happening this entire season and she never even tried to help. :trollestia: Is all of Equestria just going to accept the fact that there's another princess and not care at all? Where was Discord?

Turning every pony into Alicorn would hurt magic balance, there would be no place for fillies and having so many powerful magic users in one Kingdom may lead to big damage sooner or later, not every pony can control or use so much power right way.

I think Twilight transformation is suitable because she not only deserve power for what she has done, all trials and tests she passed, but she also will be happy to learn new spells and train to control her new magic buff, it is something what others from mane 6 would not be able to handle.


Here's my theory. Celestia and Luna are tethered to the Sun and the Moon. If a huge asteroid smashes into the moon Bye bye Luna. And if ponies stop loving each other so long Cadence. They really need to expand on the Alicorns.

You should rewatch episode 12 of season 3.
Also, I agree, "What about Discord!?"

I know this is a very old post, but I noticed something.

She's still brimming with imagination, a strong will to succeed, and most importantly, able to see things and consider ones that Celestia herself might have missed or dismissed out of hoof.

Twilight is, I think, one of the most "human" of the ponies and the easiest to empathize with.

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