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All Good Things Must Come To An End -- This Time It's Final · 2:25am Feb 18th, 2013

Well, I knew this day would come. Someday, it would be that I've just really lost whatever writing spark I had thinking about these wonderful, magical equines. Someday, I'd just feel tired of it all. Someday, I'd need a break that would be more than just mere days or weeks-- going into months or even years. Someday, I'd be saying goodbye to fanfiction semi-permanently.

And this is that day. My personal life has been a bit of a whirlwind. But, now, I'm finally moved out in a place with a roommate away from my parents. My financial situation is a bit more stable. I've been talking these three medications for a while now, and I have some hope with my private therapy processes. Wednesday was the first day that I've seen a transgender-specific counselor. I don't know if I'll maybe just be a really genderqueer guy or make the leap to being female, but either change will be very hard.

I never expected to get even more than a dozen people to read my stuff. The massive response has just been phenomenal. I love this community in so many ways. Looking forwards, I find myself losing interested in the show's episodes (*cough* Alicorn Twilight *cough*) and characters (*cough* no more Derpy *cough*) a lot. It's not just that the show and the fandom is changing. I'm also changing, and the fit between me, the show, and the community has gotten strained so much. That's life. It does kind of feel like falling away from a romantic relationship to be honest (not to be too melodramatic), but I don't have hard feelings.

At any rate, thank you. Thanks to all of readers and fans for making this an amazing experience over these past several months. Thanks to all of the great writers that inspired me. Thanks to everyone talking with me and keeping me company on this nice website. I really do love you all.

Important P.S.: Please add me on Skype at TheSwipey and/or on Steam at the_fox_swiper to stay in touch with me!

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Tears were unleashed from my closed snake eyes. Have a good one my friend

Godspeed Swipey!

BTW, Derpy was in the last episode, at least twice even during the Coronation secquence. She's also getting an official brushable toy so she hasn't been completely erased :derpyderp2:

Although it's a sad sight to see you go, you must do what is true to your heart and mind.
I thank you for gracing me (and I'm sure others feel the same) with your stories.
I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. Take care. :twilightsmile:


Don't leave us out-right, kay?
Good luck with your big decision :twilightsmile:

Same here, Its just been fading away over time, so now I'm going back to another fandom that I was part of before this one.

I'll miss you, man. May you find happiness wherever you go, and if people hate you for it, fuck em. Literally.

Derpy is back though and of course, I'm hoping you'll come back one day, I know so and we shall be waiting for you with open arms, can't get rid of ponies forever, we NEED Equestria:ajsmug: Good luck and may the Gods watch over you:twilightsmile:

God dammit, so many people are just... going.

Fuck, I'll miss your stories man.

I wish you all the best Swiper.....I recently made a new account on this website and, slowly, I've been trying to leave reviews and words to all the stories and authors who I loved the most and enjoyed their works...unfortunately, I haven't made it to you yet, and now I see this :ajsleepy:

Their's little sense in hurting yourself for no reason: please take good care of yourself and do what you feel is best...the ponies, and the people who love them, will always be around :pinkiesmile:.

God damn my urge to write a big ol' response to this and yet I am getting on the wire for some assingments due midnight US central time.
(this site isn't helping:facehoof:)
Do you mind sticking around after midnight US central time?
I can do a few posts then.
I'll understand if you cant.

If you dont come back then...
*bear hug*
Take care of your self, okay?

If you really have to leave then I guess I can't stop you but we'll miss you. :fluttercry:

I hope your real life turns out great but never forget about the magic these ponies can bring. If you leave forever you'll leave all that wonderful magic behind. :raritydespair:

"That's life."

Wise words, Swiper my friend. Wise words.

That being said, I have to say I'm a little disappointed to hear that you're leaving the fandom. Hopefully, we'll meet again someday.

Sad to see you leave but i want to wish you the best of luck no matter where you life takes you.

I guess so, man.

Hey, I just wanna say, thanks for being such a great friend. You are an amazing guy, and it was a fantastic time knowing you. I do wish you could stay, but I'm just selfish like that. You do what you want, and sock life in the face if it tries to tell you otherwise.

Good luck, Swiper. Whatever happens.


The important thing, to me anyway, is that you're in a better place in several senses of the word.

Just remember that if you want to come back, soon or not so soon, you're always welcome.

I'm gonna miss you mate :fluttercry: Your stories were some of the best I've read and, as much as it pains me to see you go. Its better that your happy with whatever you're doing, then miserable and still here because of us...

I wish you good fortune in whatever you do next, and hope life continues looking up for you! :pinkiehappy:

Its been fun.

I can sympathize. I feel like I spend more time wondering why I'm still in this fandom than I do actually enjoying my time here... haven't watched a new episode in ages, either.

Well, bye I guess. I liked your stories. That's about all I can say. I suck at goodbyes and stuff like that. :twilightsheepish:

Au revoir and I hope you succeed in whatever endeavors you partake in!

Farewell Swiper, and may lady luck smile upon you for every step you take.
You will be missed, but never forgotten.

Comment posted by Iloominoti deleted Feb 18th, 2013

It is probably getting a little old, but ...
I hope this just means MLP fanfiction, and that you haven't quit writing all together.
Also, this song,

You go your way,
And I'll go mine ...
We should meet up,
At the end of time ...
Was it just a dream,
All those people,
None of this is real.
A kingdom for a fool,
Animals on a wheel.

Comment posted by Fiddlebottoms deleted Feb 18th, 2013

Good luck on your journey throughout life my friend!
Here is a *sniff* song to commemorate to your *sniff* leave of the site...*Begins crying*

P.S. I'll probably add you on steam or skype sometime later!

you will be missed but never forgotten

Good luck with everything! :rainbowdetermined2:

:fluttershysad: *big weepy goodbye hug* :fluttercry:

I hope everything goes well for you, and remember no matter what we all still love you. manly tears have been shed this day.

I wish you good luck in your future.

I was just wondering how you've been. There haven't been too many blogs from you in quite a while. You will be missed, but at least you can leave knowing you made quite a mark on this fandom. I'll always remember you for your Redheart fic - "Help me, nurse! I need 50 ccs of you!", which inspired me to write my own 2nd-person stories, and find a way to add my own voice to this fandom. I only hope in your wake that you will at least leave your stories up so we can still continue to enjoy them. :twilightsmile: And never forget, should you want to pop on and say "hey" or sometime way way way down the line hope on and see how things are, you'll always be welcome my friend - no ifs, ands, or buts! For what it's worth, I'll keep you on my watch list, just in case you might someday come back, and at the very least so I can have an easy way back to your stories! You came up with some real winners! Take care and best to you, wherever life may lead you! :yay:

I definitely will miss you and your work.

Hm. I should probably send you off with a bleeding chunk of farewell sadness.

But I knew this was inevitable. You don't just regain your inspiration quite as easily as that. And even though life can be understood backwards, it must be lived forwards, and to cling to things no longer there is a simple way to watch your life turn to dust.

But still, the Tao is near and people seek it far away. I'm sure with some audacity and perseverance, you'll find something to inspire you once more...

Everything is in flux. Goodbye Swiper. The best is yet to come.

Take care of yourself, Swiper. It's been fun. :pinkiesmile:

Your work has been outstanding, and to me Fimfiction is not gonna be the same without you.:fluttershysad:
Happy trails:ajsmug:

Reading this was hard. You've driven me so much to continue writing as more than just a silly little hobby, and seeing you go is gonna hurt for longer than I'd hope. I know I'll still be able to talk to you on Skype, but your presence on fimfic--the stories, the blogs, the comments, and the like--it's irreplaceable.

As much as this is for the best (that fact alone is a bit difficult to internalize, as with any loss), and as much as I know we'll still be able to stay in contact, I'll still miss your whimsical charm and the way it all but infected this site--or at least me--with joy.

You've made a lot of people happy with your work here, Swiper. Now go do the same for yourself.

Out of curiosity, and with apologies if I'm prrying, how old are you, and what role did that play in your decision to see the counselor?

I find it disgusting that people turn away from the show just because a BACKGROUND charecter may disappear and the main character evolved into something new. Seriously, That sorta stuff happens all the time, but now that there are ponies involved it is suddenly so very drama and catastrophic.

Seriously, it was a great episode and I have faith in the writers and animators. DHX has done a great job so far, why would they stop doing so?
I am getting sick of people saying "Oh this show is going to its end, because [...]*insert generic reasson here"

Grow up, really.
It was a great episode and I have faith in the writers.

*Happy dance*

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