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I must do this, it is required of me. · 6:55am Feb 13th, 2013

Ok, so like many here I HATE HATE HATE when stories have poor spelling/grammar. It drives me nuts (seriously steering wheel glued to the sack here). But there is one story series for which I am overlooking that. And that is JArtisonW's Bounty Hunter series. It's 90% action porn (and I admit I skim the action scenes since they span multiple pages), the spelling is horrible, and the grammar is bleh, but my god is it FUN. I mean stupid fun, crazy whacked out, over the top, insane FUCKING FUN!

And the author seriously gives no fucks, this is an individual who is straight up pulling the most RIDICULOUS and AWESOME shit straight out of his ass. The current volume is just over the top WHUUUUUUUU?! Balls to the wall action, psychotic happenings, awesome as fuck characters, and again, the author pulling the most wonderful and mesmerizing shit straight out of his ass.

So here's what you do:
1. Go to the story page. (Bounty Hunters + Side Stories)
2. You take your complaints about grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. and you shove them straight up your ass.
3. You keep your goddamn mouth shut.
4. You fucking read that shit.
5. Take a firm grasp of your suspension of disbelief, and you hold on to that mother fucker tight.
6. Enjoy the fuck out of the crazy ass ride. (Mr. Toad ain't got shit on this motherfucker)
7. Squee like a mother fucker at the madness.
8. Get some goddamn tissues and clean up after yourself.
9. Keep enjoying that shit.

So what the hell are you still reading this shit for? Go enjoy it. Keep your whining about the style to yourself and have some goddamn fun for once in your sad, overly critical, hate filled life.


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lol.... That's some funny shit right there!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

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