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Bronies. Bronies Everywhere · 5:17am Feb 8th, 2013

So, I was waiting outside my class at college, trying to kill time... when I happened to glance up at the notice board smack dab in front of me. And what should I find? A picture of Derpy, printed out and pinned to the board.
I took a picture of it, but can't figure out how to put it to my computer, so... meh.
Still, it was one of those awesome moments where I realized that there were actually bronies scampering about all around me.

Now, on to business...
You'll have to forgive me for being late on the next update. I blame my classes - including getting ready for my phlebotomy certification, which starts tomorrow (2/08) and getting all my shots and books - and a burning need to beat Dead Space 3, so I've had my hands full.
I'll start writing the next chapter tonight, but I wouldn't bet on seeing it until the weekend, when I'll have a chance to just sit down and crank out some work.

This next chapter will be brought to you by this awesome piece:

Ah Two Steps from Hell, what would I do without you?

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Comments ( 8 )

I had a very similar experience at my college. Just at the student union with a giant pinkie pie poster :eeyup:

It was funny because there were like two or three other people just looking at it like they weren't entirely sure what to do with it.
And then there were a few others that just didn't care and even got a chuckle out of it like I did. I think i was the only one to snap a picture, though.

If you can, mjolinr, is amazing for an option in ds3, pricey, but wow, was it fun. As for the find, heh, its the little things that remind of a good time. That and the 26 episode season 4 fun, though distant.

Nothing here, but the anonymous ones.

That hasn't happened to me yet...:pinkiesad2:

807379 Personally, I used the Evangelizer. The carbine top was nice, but that shotgun lower tool was an amazingly affective "Oh sh*t" button.
Course, then I went and made myself a sniper rifle with max damage, which could kill most anything in 1-2 shots (4-5 for the big guys at the end), so... yeah :rainbowlaugh:

808742 Hehehee. Never irk an engineer, for you will not like what they can cobble up on a moments notice that will wreck your day.

809082 "We build star ships... for fun! We invented the Shock Drive, which can get you from one end of the galaxy to the other in a matter of hours because *pfft* we were bored. Piss us off, and see what we build." :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

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