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Just your average writer. 14, freshman, and about two months being a brony. I absolutely HATE shipping, excluding the occasional Fluttermac or OC.

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A Farewell to Derps · 2:27am Feb 2nd, 2013

Here we go.

I'm done writing fanfiction. All stories are now finished and/or cancelled. All spinoffs are free for the taking. I'm moving on to writing regular novels, like Christopher Paolini and Stephen King, my two inspirations; Paolini because he proved that someone my age (15) can write great novels, and King because he's graduated from my high school and is now an international best-seller.

So here are some last thoughts:

1. I will still from time to time check my notifications. However, if you're reading this Scooterfiction, I can't proofread anymore.

2. For the record, I'm not a quitter. I have this very short attention span where one minute I'm obsessing over one thing, and the next minute I'm loving something else. I'll be lucky if I finish my novel ideas...

3. Alicorn Twilight. The horrible rumors are true, and it's been a tough pill to swallow. However, I'm slowly getting over it, and I still don't think she'll be one forever. I'm trusting the writers on this one. C'mon, McCarthy. Work your magic.

4. I beat both TWD and PB2. Here's my reviews-
a)The Walking Dead. Damn. Just... damn. Definitely the best game I've ever played. That ending was just... *sobs* I'm sorry... excuse me *cries in corner in fetal position*
b)Black 2. Iris is a bitch. I literally beat the Elite Four 4 times in a row before I finally beat that dragon whore. Not even kidding, I used around 40 revival herbs and I beat her with 5 fainted Pokemon and 1 Lunatone with 23 health left. I now despise dragon types.

5. If you payed attention, you know that I have multiple ideas for novels. For any interested, here's a synopsis of some of them-
a) A Walking-Dead-like novel where the two main characters are based off of my awesome 7 year old pegasister and myself.
b) Mankind accidentally creates its own predecessor on the evolutionary chain. A lot of science-y stuff.
c) Scientists create a superior being (not like the idea above) from antimatter encased in uncharged matter, and the being is so superior it rebels and bad sh*t happens. Again, science-y stuff.
d) An average man trying to live his life with a demonic being living within himself and coming out every time he's hungry.

7. I never put a 2 on the list.

8. You just checked and are now confused because there is a 2, but you've failed to notice that there is no 6.

9. You will now send me $5 because I'm a comidical genius.

10. I'm bisexual, even though I'm only 15 and have never had a girlfriend or boyfriend (although I would like one, whichever doesn't matter. I'm almost pansexual, but I do tend to have my days where I like women more than men, and vice versa).

11. I'm geting a Derpy at Hot Topic tomorrow. You're either jealous or glad that I'm joining the club.

12. I regret nothing that I've ever done on this site. I'd like to take this moment and thank each and every one of you for giving me inspiration to write. It's because of you that I'm now confident I can go to the big leagues. May Celestia and Luna bless all your souls.

13. If Pewdiepie were genderbended, and had a set of twins from both Smosh guys, the world would explode from the awesome.

And finally, in the words of the great Ozzy himself:

"God Bless. I love you all."

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Comments ( 18 )

10. I'm bisexual, even though I'm only 15 and have never had a girlfriend or boyfriend (although I would like one, whichever doesn't matter. I'm almost pansexual, but I do tend to have my days where I like women more than men, and vice versa).

I'm with you on that one.

Whoohoo!!! I'm gay so welcome to the LGBT community!!! Same to you 783990

Thanks, it feels nice to be welcomed.:twilightsmile:

Well, this is sad.

I don't see why you would quit though, you can write your own stuff and then take a break and write here. Alternating is a good way to keep ideas fresh and whatnot... Anyway, it is your decision. I'm only kinda sorta maybe a tad bit dissapoint cuz I never got to bathe my OC... I was next in list after all :derpytongue2:

Whatevs... Farewell friend, hopefully we'll see you yet again. Whether on this site or on the cover of the newest bestseller only time will tell. :twilightsmile:

784039 I am uber sorry for not getting to everyone's OCs. If anyone wants to take that story over, be my guest. I may return to some of these stories, however, if I just one day feel like it.

alot of bronies are starting to leave its sad

784016 Yep. I've been part of the community since I turned 14. It just kinda happened really.

I would take that offer, but I'm swamped in my own little pond of fics. It's a good pond though.:twilightsmile:

I'm giving you 1 month before you come back.

And this blog post was heavy on the personal information.

And, unless you are willing to read a shitload of science books so your science fiction stories don't end up with stupid mistakes many writers make about science in general, I recommend the devil story. And even then, it's best if you start reading about religion in general to get a good idea on the different interpretations of devils and demons in fiction. You might get a few good ideas.

Read these:

And what you think will help the most with your books from this list.

Those are easy to read and very condensed.

*Star Fox 64 Mission Start Voice* Good Luck!:pinkiehappy:

784547 You're giving me a month? As in, you're forcing me or you don't believe I'll be gone for good?

Yeah, I tend to get really personal sometimes.

I know a lot about science stuff, like what antimatter is and how mankind could successfully create its own predecessor. As for the demon story, religion won't be a big part actually. He'll go to a bunch of priests and rabbis, but in the end this is a demon from a different religion. The true religion. The religion that nobbody knows about...

Mankinds predecessor? So a Monkey?

13, tis' true!
Where be me Whiskey!

You're... leaving?

Sad to see you go. I know how you feel about the Alicorn Twilight business.

Sorry that your leaving. You may be a comical genius, but you're not getting my money. Anyways, I want to thank you for being able to write a spinoff of Bathtime For Ponies. I have decided to continue mine further (to at least get Doctor Whooves). Anyways, farewell my friend, and good luck with further writtings :twilightsmile:

:ajsleepy: Hmm.....'tis a shame to see you go. :ajsmug: But I can't say that I'm not happy for you in pressing on to the big time in writing. Best of luck to you Derps. We'll leave the door unlocked and a light on for you if / when you ever return.

:twilightsmile: Take care and carry on, my friend, towards the future you desire most.

*He then tips his hat with a smile and quietly steps away*

Y'know we're both the same age and have the same dreams.I think I'm going to let it wait a bit and pass sixth form and Uni first though.

Well, I've got only one thing to say, really:

Heh, I lied.
On an unrelated topic...
And, you and I are extremely alike.
Paolini, I believe, is a genius. After around 300 book series, Eragon is my favorite.
So, that's awesome... Its always reassuring to know you're similar to one of your favorite authors...
I'm sorry, for being annoying.
But whatever.
Go on with your life, knowing that my heart is broken...
Just kidding.
I wish you the best, and look forward to a book from the great DerpsAndDinks.
Just put a mention to your name in the author's note, will you?
And now, a good song that no one likes.

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