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Victory! · 10:43am Jan 31st, 2013

It's finished! The pre-edits version of the new Sweetie Chronicles chapter is done! First draft! Complete! Woo! And it's only 4:40AM!

Anyway, well be sending the editors first, and after edits, pre-readers get their chance.

So, still some time before the whole thing gets published, but now, you know.

So... sleep.


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Comments ( 73 )


EDIT: 80,000 words... dayum.

First what is that story you are talking about
Second it's noon.

Wanderer D

777089 The Sweetie Chronicles, of course!

80 thousand words...

Seriously D, you might want to break that up into smaller installments.

Jesus tap dancing Christ! Over 80k words in a single chapter?!:twilightoops:

81,518 words for just one chapter?

Mi cuerpo está listo.

777090 *ahem*
82,000?! It'll take me a week to read that!
I still will though :twilightblush:

Holy frejoilies! That's sum chapter!:raritystarry:

You know who would be proud! (Hint: :twilightsmile:)

I am not surprised, since I recall you mentioning the word count before, but still, jeeze—that's longer than my whole story :unsuresweetie:

Yikes. I'll need to get my eyes warmed up with something small and easy to read by comparison...

... ah, here we go! Eternal by device heretic! Lovely little short story, if I do say so myself!


80,000 words?! Be thou COMPLETELY FUCKING INSANE?!

I hope that is the complete story, and not one chapter...

80,000 words... Mon dieu! :rainbowderp: And I thought reading a chapter of Background Pony was time-consuming. :raritydespair:

80k word chapter... Whoa, D... You... You really did it... You wrote a chapter that exceeds the length of SS&E's best, and... Damn. 80k words... I am astounded.

Now if you'll excuse me for just one moment, I have something in my eye. :fluttercry:

I keeping with the general reaction of this blog's audience:
80 thousand in a single chapter? HOLY CRAP ON A FLYING CRAP SANDWICH.

Seriously, how long did it take to write all this? How much scrapping did you have to do?! :rainbowhuh:

How the hell am I going to read all of this, it's longer than most stories on this site :rainbowderp: :rainbowhuh:

Better be awesome :rainbowdetermined2:

why didn't you say so

I have attempted to write 12 stories. This one chapter exceeds my entire collected word count—about 55,000 words.

I feel inadequate now...

d wat u doin

Alternatively, hawt dam that is going to be a pain to edit. :pinkiehappy:

That's... a lot of words however.... um... :twilightblush: Anyone mind checking out my story Finally at Pegasus. :fluttercry: Forgive me Wonderer D. At least it's in chapters still 80k for one chapter? That's... a lot of typing.

Nice. I look forward to procrastinating reading it due to it's length for a very long time! :pinkiehappy:

777089 It's 5am here. Isn't the world strange? :derpyderp2: :ajsleepy:

:pinkiegasp: There are no words. Wait, no, there are lots of words. Lots and lots and lots of words. But I can find no adequate words of my own to express quite how many words that is. I mean 5^4 x 2^7 words [1]. Wow.

I am so looking forward to reading it.

[1] At this point, the only way I felt to express the concept with any kind of originality would be to split the number into its prime factors.

On a note unrelated to holly crap 80k words!, how is google docs holding up to that many words? I've found it starts getting laggy before 10K (this in on Google Chrome, maybe other browsers handle it better?) Maybe you just have an awesome computer.

80k WORDS!?!?:pinkiegasp: Is that a challenge?:rainbowdetermined2:

My body is ready.

Is that just chapter one, or the whole story?!

81000 palabras... Woww!! Nunca me he topado en mi vida un cap tan extenso XD... y yo que estaba empezando a pensar que había abandonado el proyecto XD... este cap sera seguro impresionante :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


V'iwe salute you, High Admiral Wanderer.
Guten Aben!

777125 He did. You just weren't paying attention when he said it.:trollestia:

This announcement has tempered my enthusiasm for this story significantly. It's not your fault, D. You're a good author for the most part and I love The Sweetie Chronicles, but I don't think anyone in the fandom could pull off something like this satisfactorily. You're writing something that drops a new character into a story that worked just as fine without her, which means you're off-balance from the start. Your tribute to said story is (at this moment) longer than the original, whose plot didn't leave much room for expansion in the first place. (Unless you're somehow going to include This Platinum Crown in here as well, but I think there's too much of a time-skip for that to work.) The story seems like a difficult act to follow, too: while most of the fics you've covered so far revolve around a semi-original premise executed competently, The Best Night Ever has a gimmick everyone has seen before, with entire scenes snowcloned from its inspiration, that is well-liked on the strength of its writing. Even if you do succeed at mimicking his style, there's still the risk that it will come off as a giant Dredgemane-like digression that takes up a great deal of space only to become irrelevant as soon as Sweetie hops off to the next universe.

Mostly, though, I'm worried that this chapter's going to fall into some of the traps Capn warned against in his vault interview:

I wanted to write a Groundhog Day type time-loop fic that didn’t get mired in “power leveling” or character bashing or harem-making - the usual pitfalls of these kinds of stories. My point is that I didn’t want the fic to deviate from the core messages of Groundhog Day. Self-improvement and self-discovery, not in terms of what skills you have or what amazing things you can do (because of the loops) but because of your outlook on life and in how you relate to other people.

I don't want to see this chapter become nothing more than an excuse to raise Sweetie's power level, nor do I want it to introduce plot devices that clash with the setting for the sake of whatever arc you have in mind for Sweetie. Provided there's none of that, I'll probably keep reading.

I don't think the original fic that sweetie is going to is that long, haha

Calm down people, it's really only 16k words repeated five times. :pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

81858 words?


My oh my. . .

Say, Vegeta, what does the Scouter say about this chapter's power level?

That is not a chapter, that is a novel. Please learn the difference... :fluttershysad:

That's... one big-ass chapter

Yeeeeyyyyyuusss! Really looking forward to this, man!

That's no chapter... it's a novella... :twilightoops: *SQUUE!* :yay:

Wanderer D

777323 You do know that Capn Chryssalid co-wrote this with me, right?

Also, the chapter focuses a LOT more in character development than crazy-ass Sweetie. In fact, I made sure that she would not end up like one of those GHD situation abuse fics.

Anyway, you can tell me what you think when you read it. :raritywink:

>80,000 words in a single chapter.

Are you fucking insane? You know there's a reason that published books generally have 3000 - 3500 words per chapter, right? IT'S BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO SIT DOWN AND READ 80,000 WORDS.

You're pulling a Kkat, D. YOU'RE PULLING A KKAT.

I can vouch the no sleep thing, Wandy was up all Luna to finish this baby!

81k freaking words, holy cow! You mad man you! I almost feel sorry for the ones in charge of cleaning and ironing that out :derpyderp2:


Crisis averted!

can't wait, dude! :pinkiehappy:

777087 ... Easy for YOU to say, you aren't the one who's gotta edit and pre-read all of that gently caress. XD

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