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  • 347 weeks
    I tried

    I really did, I just want you guys to know that. Something I've learned in recent years though; just because you try your best, doesn't mean that you'll succeed. I'm sorry, I really am. I wanted to finish the story but I couldn't. Maybe one day I'll be able to do it, maybe. But until then, I Would Smile if I Could is officially cancelled. It's a sad day, and I would smile if I could. But I can't,

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  • 352 weeks
    My Smiling Muscles Hurt

    Let's start off with some good news: In the past month, I actually managed to write some stuff for the story! Yay me!

    Bad news: It can't yet be called an update, and I probs won't finish it before midnight tonight.

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  • 358 weeks
    I Would Maybe Smile if I Could, Possibly?

    Guess who's back after a serious bout with depression? This guy. Guess who's giving himself til the end of February to finish his most popular story ever? Also this guy. If I can't make the deadline, officially March 1st 12:01am, I will officially cancel the story. Here's hoping that that won't happen.

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  • 441 weeks

    Hello dear peoples, Haku here. So... how y'all been?

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  • 445 weeks
    1 Week is all I Need, Maybe

    Howdy y'all. So as many of you have noticed, it''s been roughly 3 months since my last update on IWSiIC, and I did say I would have the next update around here. I wasn't joking when I said "See you all in 3 months."

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Chapter 2 ACTUALLY COMING SOON · 5:40am Jan 29th, 2013

Here ye, Here ye. Welcome all who actually read these blog type things, to another report of Haku1013. Now, I'm sure you're asking me, "Hey Haku, where's that chapter you've been promising? You said it would take only a couple weeks, then you said it'd take 2 weeks, then 2 weeks more. That was over 2 weeks ago. What the hell man, what the ACTUAL HELL?!?!"

Ok, maybe you haven't asked that exactly, but I'm sure you're thinking it now. Well, if you've been reading these blog type things from me, then you know that I've just had a tough time trying to find time to write Chapter Numero Dos, whether it's because of school or other delays. Well, After over 2 months in the making, I am DAMN PROUD to say that the next installment of "I Would Smile if I Could" is now entering the Editing Stage! That means that Second Chapter of "I Would Smile if I Could" is ACTUALLY ALMOST OUT!


Yeah, I'm that exciting for the release. Once it comes out, I can finally get into the 2 months of writing for CHAPTER 3. Yay!

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Awesome. And WOW is it really been just two weeks??? It feels like 2 months... my sense of time is so whacked I can't tell what time I'm living in x_x

I greatly look forward to the next chapter and don't really mind waiting two months or so as long as you continue the story.

So you gonna stop pulling a Valve and actually release it? Holy Crap!

you make scootaloo happy!:scootangel:

People just don't understand... shit takes time & people have lives outside of the internet!(O' REALLY FOOL)

771072 Especially shit that I didn't think I would really have to do. I'd be lying if I would say I wasn't tempted to cancel the 2nd chapter and leave the story finished as it is right now. But no, I care for my fans, and I forced myself to come up with some wild plot, while also working on Chapter Dos. And I did it. Buck yeah!

I came across a song recently. Thought it might be relevant to your interests...

There's also a Brentalfloss one to the tune of 'The Candyman Can', but that is more for funny than creepy.

780628 That song is very much enjoyable :trixieshiftright:

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