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  • 477 weeks
    You know you have Swag when...

    Everything bad that happens on the site is instantly blamed by you and all evidence is ignored. I feel so euphoric knowing that I have gained enough hate to be blamed on more shit than Obama.

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  • 477 weeks
    Illuminati and IGN/Zoe Quinn connection confirmed

    IGN has three letters in its name?
    the first letter in it is "I"
    "I" is pronounced "Eye"
    IGN = 3 + EYE
    Illuminati has 3 sides and an eye
    Zoe Quinn fucked people at IGN for good reviews
    Zoe Quinn's game is called "Depression Quest"
    Again look, THREE "S"s and ONE "eye"
    You know what word starts with the letter "S"?
    SIDE Put them together now
    THREE Sides and ONE eye!

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  • 477 weeks

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  • 477 weeks
    Yo cunt's. I'm back from the dead.

    And still a raging faggot lel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Did I miss anything in my year long hiatus?

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  • 562 weeks
    An Explanation of sorts.

    Well. I got some free time and figured I would Let you all know why I'm leaving.

    1) Starting a Collab account with my friends to make highly graphic gore/dark fics.

    2) Guitar Lessons.

    3) School

    4) "Personal" reasons

    5) Hate 90% of the shit I got myself into on this account.

    Well, there is some of the reasoning. I got to go now.

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Revolution! Down with knighty! · 3:08am Jan 28th, 2013

Join the revolution! Against knighty! We need to take that mother fucker out for a FREE fimfiction! One not governed by a cyber Hitler!

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Comments ( 9 )

Oh now this is going to end in glorious tears. I love it.

760242 Then join my nigga!

760247 I'd rather not risk a ban. I'll be with you in spirit if not in actions so as to not risk anything.

760258 Oh please, we'll just make new accounts!

760266 I like my account just fine. And knighty isn't so bad :trollestia: (its a trollestia! meaning take the words with a grain of salt)

760286 I would rather slice knighty's dick open and put that grain of salt on the wound! Death to tyranny!

760712 you mean his

big fat chode

right? that's what he called it if I remember correctly.


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