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I Lied · 4:52pm Jan 23rd, 2013

So, I wasn't going to do anything today except reply to some comments and lurk in the background today.
That was before I went to bed last night. And forgot to take my mother trucking sleep medication. Just so all of you know, Chronic Insomnia is a BIIIIIIITCH.
Funnily enough, the resulting pressure headache and sleep deprivation put my head exactly where it needs to write, which I tried and failed to do last night.
So basically...

Chapter 4 incoming.

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Comments ( 9 )

Hooray for insomnia if it results in another excellent chapter!

Ouch. But I guess all great authors had their mountains to climb. I hope your next few nights are much more pleasant, though!

743033 I'd like to think so, but I could also be full of it. It's about halfway done right now, and took about 2-3 hours to get going to this point. So I should have it out by the end of the day, just to give myself some wiggle room and hopefully NOT fudge this up.
Funnily enough, I started writing after waking from a sleep-deprived hallucination of some sort, in which I was composing a letter written by my story's Applejack to Princess Celestia on top of zombie-brainstorming a few interesting things for the future. I wrote it, saved it, and will likely throw it in on the last chapter, way down the road.
Now, if you'll excuse me, Imma go get some coffee. Coffee sounds good... :pinkiesick:

743041 Oh, I foresee a hard nap in my destiny, let me tell you.


I'm in the opposite situation - my medication often gives me bouts of insomnia. But I know that terrible feeling of laying in bed for hours before looking at the clock and seeing it read 4:00 am, and still not feeling tired. Regardless, though, I am looking forward to your next chapter. Your story is quite interesting, and is my favorite "pony is a changeling" story out there. You've got interesting characters, a wonderful take on the situation, and - most importantly - the best choice I can think of in having one of the mane six be a changeling. Having someone as loving, loyal, stubborn, and clear-minded as Applejack be a changeling is a sublime choice for characterization. If your future chapters are as fine as the first few, I forsee this story becoming truly epic, in both scope and recognition.

As a member of the insomnia club I can sympathize. Also, best time to write is at 1am, everypony knows that! :pinkiehappy: :trollestia:

Lol im sorry about your chronic insomnia though:fluttercry:

743167 That's my usual time, actually. Get done anywhere from 2-3AM.
But starting up at FIVE?! That's a bit much, even for me.
I don't want to say "but at least I don't feel too bad yet", because Murphy has a terrible habit of hanging off of my every freaking word sometimes.

743050 Interesting... :moustache::derpyderp1:

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