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I aspire to much, but am accomplished at little, as much as I wish it weren't so.

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  • 381 weeks
    [no title]

    What's this? A story of mine with more than one canon character in it? IMPOSSIBLE!

    ...Well, this isn't the story I thought I would be publishing at the end of the month, but at least it's something, right?

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  • 382 weeks
    Hey, look!

    I WAS writing something else during that unintentional hiatus, after all!

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  • 390 weeks
    Too Much Minecraft, Not Enough Inspiration

    Self-explanatory title is self-explanatory.

    Chapter 6 is done. Honestly, I'm not very proud of it. I feel like it was more housekeeping than storytelling, having no life of its own, but only serving as the endcap to the chapters before and after it. I'm probably doing something wrong if it ends up like that, but oh well - that's the way it is.

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  • 393 weeks
    "The Crystal Heart Spell"

    For those of you that do not know, The Crystal Heart Spell is a lovely little 130-page, 100-words-per-page book that was recently available at many elementary school Book Fairs, and will be released on Amazon on April 2nd. My little sister bought it for me (See also: Best little sister ever). It's nothing

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  • 394 weeks
    "Happiness hit him like a chimera in the back..."

    ...No, wait. That metaphor almost worked the whole way through, but lions are cats, aren't they? Damn.

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We interrupt your regularly... scheduled... · 8:22pm Jan 22nd, 2013

Nope, couldn't keep a straight face.

Hey look! A new story! This is the main reason why I haven't updated LoF in a while. The World-Building Alliance had a January Writing Contest (Prompt: "Write an origin story for a non-pony species."), and I was intrigued. Originally, I was going to do dragons, but then this idea sort of popped up and took over my brain, and then it failed moderation once for not enough relation to pony, so I racked my brain for weeks and weeks until I finally decided to add a single sentence, and then it passed. The word restriction was what made it difficult.

Anyway, enjoy this little tidbit, and see what my stories are about when they don't involve a dying race of demi-gods! (Spoiler: They're still kinda sad.) I'm gonna go finish introducing Flora, and write about Ignus defeating a dragon in an Agni-Kai. Ta!

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