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  • 400 weeks
    Bubbles and Rainbows part 2 (and other things) Q and A!

    Hey guys, thought I would make a little post explaining various things on the delay of the fanfic

    Q: Why is it taking sooo long to write!?

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  • 403 weeks
    Updates + Holiday

    Hey everypony! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season (i sure did) and wish you all a happy new year! Quick little update on my stories

    Bubbles and Rainbows- Editing part 2, expect out before January 4th

    The Cake Is a Lyra- Starting rough draft port chapter 3 few days after the release of Bubbles and Rainbows part 2

    Please keep an open eye for this weeks new story. Thanks!

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  • 409 weeks
    The Cake Is a Lyra chapter 2 out!

    Hey everypony, The Cake Is a Lyra Chapter 2 has been released. I apologize for it being a day late, something came up Friday that caused me to not be able to have it edited by my editor and completely ready for submission. I spent all day today adding various elements to the chapter to make it worth its wait. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Season 3 Premier + Updates!

    Hey everypony, watched the season premier this morning (surprise surprise) and I for one absolutely loved it! I'm probably going to regret saying this but I for one actually kinda liked King Sombre, now please let me explain why! I will admit, he was a very, 'boring' villain. Unlike Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalias, ect. he really had no story, general information, and hardly ever talked,

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  • 413 weeks
    Fic Update 2 + Info

    Hey everypony, I know that (if you happened to read The Cake Is a Lyra) you are waiting for chapter 2, which I said to come out before this Friday. However, it might not be released until the end of the weekend, and possibly later. I have yet to write the rough draft, then have my editor review it and then produce the final draft. I could finish the rough draft by Friday but to have it edited

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Bubbles and Rainbows part 2 (and other things) Q and A! · 3:38am Jan 22nd, 2013

Hey guys, thought I would make a little post explaining various things on the delay of the fanfic

Q: Why is it taking sooo long to write!?

A: It is taking a while because I am trying to make it worth the wait. What I mean by that is the story will contain much more content and story than the first part of the story. Also (a major part) is I am very busy with school and other activities. My whole days consist of school, studying, and other little events that pop up now and again, but I write any chance that I get.

Q: When will it be released?

A: The fic will be released no later than the end of January. I know I have said that it will be released at one point then it wont but believe me, I will make sure it is out on time.

Q: What will part 2 be about?

A: Well that would spoil it!

Q: Will it be sadder than part 1?

A: Oh yes. Prepare your heartstrings.

Q: Will there be a part 3?

A: Most likely not. The way I have part 2 going there would be no need for a part 3.

Q: Any new fics coming out soon?

A: Besides 'The Cake Is a Lyra' I have about 2 or 3 other fics I plan on writing. Do not know when I will write them but I will and they will be good.

Q: What cons will you be attending in 2013?

A: Momocon, Seishun con, Sweet Apple Acre con, Dragon*Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta!

and lastly...

Q: Do you write shipfics and who do you ship?

A: Random question I would get out of the way. Yes, I will write shipfics. Ships I support would be Derpy x Doctor, Discord x Fluttershy (thanks to the newest episode it knocked out my old Pinkie x Discord) and Soarin x Rainbow Dash. Not too many, there are probably more but I have not really thought of them!

Thanks for reading, have a good week!

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