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Rainbow warrior

I have a tumblr i draw art on and a youtube that update both you and my subscribers on there. I am only here for my writing hobby. I never expected anypony to like my stories :)

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  • 435 weeks
    It's been a while, but I think I'm back.

    Hey, all. Wow, just wow. I come back and see all of this love and emotion on my old fic, people saying it was better than my little dashie. You really know how to jerk a guy's feels, don't'cha?

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  • 504 weeks
    Im back but I dont think I wanna post the final chapters, Im also gonna be off for a while

    Ive updating my tumblr alot more and im not really having fun writing anymore, I may post them to my grimdark fic site but thats a big ass maybe. Besides no one was even paying attention to it anyway. Kinda on hiatus I should say

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    Story suggestion and review (Scootaloo's summer)

    Hey if you guys liked my story then you'll DEFINANTLY love this person's story. He/she (dont know specifically, dont judge me) has made this epic scootaloo story thats kinda similar to mine but not really. Anyway it introduces some whole new ideas to scootaloo and rainbow dash, Now even though scootalove isnt my thing I find myself entranced by how well he/she writes his/her stories, GOOD GOD how

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    The REAL sequel is up

    Now I dont promise anything buuuuut I think this one is a bit more linear to the real story, since you guys didnt seem to like my clopfic/gorefic take on the story. I guess ill save my clop and gore fics for my other site.

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  • 508 weeks
    For the those of you who enjoyed my OC avion and want to know more about him. (another favor)

    I have started a tumblr blog for my OC avion darkwing, I will be continuing his story there as well as updating the real fic here. There are already some pictures of avion up there. Please follow it and hopefully my art will entrance you more than my writing as I feel I'm a better artist than a writer. Any go check him out here: http://aviondarkwing.tumblr.com/ and if you wanna ask avion question

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im back everypony :D · 5:31pm Mar 1st, 2012

okay welp finally got to moving into my new house and will be updating the fics shortly, probably gonna take a break for my birthday it's really hard updating both this, stalkerloo, youtube, and avion's tumblr blog all at once, But I feel like writing this week so expect some content for this week. Oh and I think I may have a new, more linear, storyline for when heroes arent there to save you. I Just dont know if I should post it here or on google docs. But it's still in development but I cant beleive i overlooked this giant detail that I was gonna leave out in my unofficial sequel. Anyway a big thank you to my followers who actually care to read my stories and know that one bad fic will only lead to good one. The sequel was hastily compiled, I didnt think things through and there a rare few who actually understand but to those of who do, thank you.

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You're welcome! Happy Derpy Day so...

Have a muffin and KEEP ON DERPIN' ON!!:derpytongue2:

Welcome back.

Good luck on your new project, I hope you enjoy making it as much as we'll enjoy reading it. :pinkiehappy:

22590 Thanks man, just for that imma work on something tonight, you got me in the feeling I gotta go write now haha :rainbowlaugh: Thanks again for the kind words my friend, and I hope you guys'll enjoy it, I know this project will be sure to show that I am, indeed, back.

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