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New chapter for Grace, among other things. · 12:03am Jan 18th, 2013

Hi guys. Been a while, I know, which is why I've put up the new chapter for Grace in Equestria. It's going to have one more editing run through Ponychan's /fic/ board, and there may or may not be a short scene added in in the future, but I figured I'd made you wait long enough.

Additionally, the new story "Autumn" (replacement for A Special Mare) will be up soon. I have a few minor tweaks left for the first chapter, and the rough draft for the second chapter is nearly finished.

Other than that, I'm mostly just doing reviews as usual in /fic/ while I try to defeat the ever present writer's block.

Oh, I almost forgot. A Really Bad Story should have its second chapter up soon as well. Cheers!

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