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  • 291 weeks
    So much wanton death and destruction

    Another year, another purge. It's rather sad that my last post was basically the same topic. I think I've had to move at least 500 fics down to my Dead Fic section in calibre and pull them from my kindle. Good stuff too. A large number of stories that I've been following, it's just sad that they're sitting there, unfinished and the majority of them left with nary a word from the author (in

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  • 361 weeks
    [no title]

    Good lord I don't even remember that crap. Note to self: Ambien, STICK TO PRESCRIBED DOSES.

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  • 365 weeks
    [no title]

    So here's my little rant for today. I'm getting really damn sick of story after story that I enjoy being taken down, passworded, or their authors running off after writing some stupid passive aggressive rant about how bronies (are you twits still denying you're bronies or have you "taken it back") are all mysoginistic, racist, homophobic, evil, blah blah blah, and the fandom is horrible and evil

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  • 369 weeks
    [no title]

    Calibre fic count: 2162. I read too damn much.

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  • 416 weeks
    Fucking Kindle

    Welp, apparently putting more than 1000 items on a kindle ruins it. Half the shit on my paperwhite doesn't work at all. DX works awesome, but the DX doesn't have a damn backlight. Bleah.

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Organizing and Downloading Fics · 7:13pm Jan 17th, 2013

So I'm sure a good number of you may own a kindle or e-reader of some sort, or you may just enjoy downloading fics to read later. Well here's the greatest thing I've found for that. There's a program called calibre, totally free and totally awesome, that I use for organizing my ebooks. It's really easy to use and it supports addons. Best one I've found is called Fan Fiction Downloader. You paste story urls into it and it will store and maintain all of your fanfics that you follow. Best part, it can scan them and update them automatically. Thought you do have to make sure to reconvert a book to mobi every time if you want to put it on your e-reader. I've currently got about 800 fanfics stored in my library that I'm burning through and without calibre and the addon I don't think I would have read nearly as many great fanfics as I have. So there you go, the secret to organizing and updating your fanfic collection.

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I've been using calibre to convert thesse fics to EPUB for a year or so. Its a nice lightweight conversion program and works well, though it initially would invert the colours on any attached images and I had to figure out a work around for that. new updates for the program appear to have fixed that issue.

Hadn't heard about Fan fiction downloader though. may be worth a look.

I'd be screwed without it, you just select your fics click the button, and you're updated. Another fun addon for it is the word/page count one.

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