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    I, 2

    And it was almost a girl who, stepping from
    this single harmony of song and lyre,
    appeared to me through her diaphonous form
    and made herself a bed inside my ear.

    And slept in me. Her sleep was everything:
    the awesome trees, the distances I had felt
    so deeply that I could touch them, meadows in spring:
    all wonders that had ever seized my heart.

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Some Theodore Roethke · 3:34pm Jan 16th, 2013

The Serpent

There was a Serpent who had to sing.
There was. There was.
He simply gave up Serpenting.
Because. Because.
He didn’t like his Kind of Life;
He couldn’t find a proper Wife;
He was a Serpent with a soul;
He got no Pleasure down his Hole.
And so, of course, he had to Sing,
And Sing he did, like Anything!
The Birds, they were, they were Astounded;
And various Measures Propounded
To stop the Serpent’s Awful Racket:
They bought a Drum. He wouldn’t Whack it.
They sent, —you always send, —to Cuba
And got a Most Commodious Tuba;
They got a Horn, they got a Flute,
But Nothing would suit.
He said, “Look, Birds, all this is futile:
I do not like to Bang or Tootle.”
And then he cut loose with a Horrible Note
That practically split the Top of his Throat.
“You see,” he said, with a Serpent’s Leer,
“I’m Serious about my Singing Career!”
And the Woods Resounded with many a Shriek
As the Birds flew off to the end of Next Week.

-Theodore Roethke

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*Grins* He's always fun though Shel Silverstein was always one of my first poetry loves.

Mmm yes. Jolly Good laugh. :moustache:

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