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hi everyPony, my name is RainbowJack. I have been a brony from December 2010 and fell in love with the series because a friend of mine told me to watch it. i like the community that is here

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  • 258 weeks
    happy birth day to me

    Happy birth day to me
    today a nother year comes and goes, agian 1 year passes with a lot of things that happend, in my private live . Some good some bad, but hey no sad stuff now its my birth day

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  • 264 weeks
    chapter 6

    hello everypony,

    I could use your help, in what way you ask? well in giving me feedback on my last chapter of my story A dark secret. I need some feedback on it because I'm not sure if it fits in there but please let me know something

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  • 274 weeks
    Hello everypony

    Well after a Long Time of not being here and making my story I stared on my new chapter and I hope you all will be pleased. I just stared and I want to know something

    This Chapter will be going into Luna's past when she got her dream walking powers at a (to) young age and it scareds her, she wants to tell her big sis but shes scared of being rejected after all that happend.

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  • 330 weeks
    hello every one

    Hello everypony,

    I am sorry that my stories are taking long befor getting posted, it's due to some things that came IRL firstly I have a job that is really busy and secondly I did not have the chance yet to talk to my fried on the next chapter of a dark secret.

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  • 342 weeks
    a dark secret

    Hello all,

    Update on my story chapter 5 is uploaded and working on the 6th chapter with my co-wrighter. We have been discusing about what we do next, i hope you all like reading my story. The only thing i am a little dissepointed about is the lak of feedback i really would like to know what you think of my story

    Kind regardes,


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Chapter 2 of my feeling · 9:27pm Jan 14th, 2013

Hey everypony,

Update: Well had to redo the hole thing, i wassent happy about the way the first try was going so started over its going fine now but still to much stuff going on in my real life that i cant get started, but i will try my best

after some time i am starting my second part of my Spike and Twilight love story i know it's been a long time but had a lot of work and school stuff ( still do ) but i am doing the story at this moment it might take some time but its coming along nicely

so for all of you out there waiting on my story its on its way it will be longer then chapter 1

a lil update: due to somethings going on in my life its going to take me sometime to get the story back on track, i am how ever stil intending to make it but its going to take some time deu to work and school stuff

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