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  • 255 weeks
    Let's make this quick

    First of, I'm so so sorry for the delays! I don't have a very good excuse, except that I've been distracted by work, real life and, well...

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  • 267 weeks
    New Story...ugh...

    If anyone ever tells you that short stories are easier to write than long ones, kindly punch them in the face for me.

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  • 282 weeks
    New Story

    As the title says, one of the many many ideas bebopping around in my head is finally typed up and awaiting approval. Hope you get some amusement out of it!

    Gonna be working on one more idea before the next chapter of DW, so please please don't hate me.

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  • 287 weeks
    Excuses and Updates

    I hate the cold.
    Let me say that again.
    I HATE the cold!

    Where I live, we had a pretty mild December. Then in the first week of the new year, winter was all like

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  • 294 weeks
    Surprise Surpise

    That's right, I'm back baby!
    Well to be honest, I never really left. I'm sure all of you (at least those that remember) have been wondering just what has taken me so long. I'm gonna be perfectly candid with you.

    I'm a horribly lazy person.

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A little about me · 8:02pm Jan 13th, 2013

I honestly never thought I'd do this. But then again, barely a year ago I never thought that I'd fall in love with a show about ponies. Life has a funny way of working sometimes,doesn't it? I love writing, anyone can tell you that about me, but I've never submitted one of my works online before. To think, the first piece I do would be a fan fiction, It's just...I don't know the word for it. Weird maybe?

I have been writing since I can remember. Not for any specific purpose, like I never planned to get one of my writings published, I just really like it. But...I don't know, something just kept nagging at me in the back of my mind. Telling me that, just this once, I should make a story for anyone to see. Unfortunately, with this being the internet, you can understand my hesitation. And as luck would have it the story I decided on centers around a character that I created when I was about 15 years old, so things will get confusing. Hell sometimes it confuses me, but that's what editing is for, right?

The best I'm hoping for is that a few people find some entertainment with this first story, and maybe help me in becoming a better writer. And maybe if enough people like it, I'll continue uploading, and not just fan fiction.

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