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Lord of Nothing

I'm pretty uninteresting. I also can't write or draw, but I do both anyway.

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    A Queen & You: Part I, Chapter VII - Setting Boundaries

    So, just in case nobody had noticed, I changed A Queen & You from "Incomplete" to "On Hiatus" to "Incomplete" then finally "Cancelled".

    I always made promises I could not keep, especially when it came to writing. I very much enjoyed doing it, but I believe it is finally time for me to put this part of my life to rest for real, for good, forever. And this time I mean it.

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    thanks, fimfiction crew.

    Gotta love these new updates. Makes the site look a lot more pretty.

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    You should all totally join this new group of mine.

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    I guess this is it, you guys. Last blog ever, what a milestone.

    I've been sitting at my desk for the past half-hour trying to think of a good song to quote to get this rolling, but I'm quickly coming around to the realization that there isn't any really way to do something like this other than to just do it. So, without further ado, here I go:

    I'm leaving FiMFiction.

    Yep, there we go.

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    Amateur Artists Unite!

    My (totally awesome, and, in now way, intimidating) Boss told me that I should push a group of his, so, even though I'm totally a loose-canon-know-it-all-smart-ass-bad-boy-rogue-sherrif-loner, I figure I'll go ahead and do it, but not because he told me to; I make my own decisions.

    Now, I'm sure a lot of you reading this are like:

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Introductions · 8:39am Jan 10th, 2013

Well, I guess I'm here now.

I am The Lord of Nothing, and, as you can probably guess, I'm a lord of nothing.

That's all.

I'm not an onion, guys.

I hate how some people think introductions need to be these huge speeches detailing their entire lives.

Nobody gives a fuck about all that, and if they did, they would've asked you.

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Comments ( 8 )

Hey, you remember that one blog?


Well, here you go... start remembering...:derpytongue2:


You've gone too deep, my friend.

Also, how could I forget?! This is where it all started going downhill!

1237322 Downhill? Nono... things got better from here...:pinkiehappy:

1237344 Yeah, man... you got people around you that want you to be here... why do you think I am on here everyday? Because this is the only place where people want me to be here...



So, does this make us internet buddies?

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