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    Notice #1: No Im not dead. Notice #2: Well maybe, I'm not sure.

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    "When will the next chapter of TYSH be out you lazy SOB?"

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Scheduling, Scheduling,Scheduling... · 4:21am Feb 27th, 2012

So I have a lot of people asking me when the next chapter will be, short version: next week.

Long Version: The reason it is going to be next week is because it needs to be fully edited by quite a few individuals and that takes time, and also, I do not want to post all that I have (which is to Ch 5 as of now) because if I can put it out into several weeks I can have more time to write the fic and you guys wont be waiting as long. Now when over the weekend, I have no clue. And note if you see that the fic was updated sometime in the MIDDLE of the week it has not, I merely had put in some changes I believed it needed to make a smoother story, you have been warned.

Funny story: I HAD Fimfiction on auto email whenever anything happened. Little did I know I was going to have 500 EMAILS at 10am! My dad not knowing I am a brony, saw on the home server (we have a special server where we do our mail and stuff) that I had 500+ emails and were growing by the minute. He got curious and read my story, when I heard this I shat a brick wall. If there was anyway to expose myself as a brony as my friend said, "it was in the most glorious way." To everyone that is reading this, thank you again for your support and allowing me to become completely honest with my broniness.

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Artist: A Day to Remember
Album: Homesick
Fits kinda well with the story so far and the parts I haven't released yet.

As always pictures of Ditzy, first courtesy of Hydkore:

Of course she is special (NOT IN THAT WAY!!!) She is best pony, we all love her so much :3

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That first picture is buckin' impressive! So how did your dad take to you bein' a brony?

20656 surprisingly well, thanks in-part to you guys

Indeed. Ditzy shall always be loved. LONG LIVE THE DOO DYNASTY!!!

Thank EQD for the picture, I found it there. Good to know you can be open with you being a brony. I haven't told my folks about me being a brony (dad's a sport freak, so that doesn't hep):ajsleepy: and my own fic isn't popular enough to bolster with:fluttercry:

Now you get me another chapter soon, so that I can dawn to it!

dude......you have the coolest dad ever. So hes ok with you being a brony? :pinkiegasp: Was their any sort of shock or was he just all "Meh"? :ajbemused:

my dad doesnt give a crap so ... yeah life is gud

20844 so far it seems that way, he doesnt fully understand it, he sees it more of a creative outlet, which it is in a way.

Holy tits, someone else that's actually heard of ADTR? I thought I was the only one.

Now if I could find someone that's heard of Raintime or Disarmonia Mundi.

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