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    Well, I survived. I now live in Flagstaff Arizona, as opposed to Richmond Indiana. For those of you not familiar with US geography, those two are pretty damn far apart. Internet is getting installed on monday, probably, I hope. I'm actually writing this from the campus of my new school NAU. So, now you know.

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    Also, the next chapter of Umbra will be arriving soon. I have this

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Meet Wing Write, and other updates · 2:56am Jan 8th, 2013

My sister, Crazypsychowoman on DVA, has drawn a new avatar for me of my OC, Wing Write.

She has also made a new version of the cover pic for my latest story. A Day With the Wonderbolts, henceforth referred to as simply 'Bolts.

So thanks a big thanks to my L.S.B.F.F. for the pretty pictures.

And now for something (kind of, not at all) completely different.

I have decided that enough time has passed since I wrote 'Bolts that the excitement has worn off, and I am now able to make some revisions with a clear head. I did some minor edits right after posting, but this is just a little more in-depth. Not much though, if you liked the story as it is, you can relax; I am just tweaking a few lines here and there to make them less cluncky. I plan on starting tonight, and will run the changes past a few pre-readers so they can clean up my punctuation derps.

I am doing this in preparation to...

submit 'Bolts to EqD!
Wish me luck, lots and lots of luck.

Ok, here is my thought process on this one. I don't see myself as a good enough writer to feel good about submitting my story to EqD. Yes, I want views. Yes, EqD is a great way to get views and watchers. I would love to have a group of 10-20 loyal watchers that I could bounce ideas off of and tell dumb jokes to. There are even a few story ideas that I am looking for co-writers on (yes, plural on the co-writers thing, if you are interested PM me, I'm looking at you q97randomguy). I have even tossed around the idea of group writing a few of my sillier ideas. I see making EqD as the first step towards all that, obviously most of the other steps involve me impressing my readers, and gaining their loyalty, but I'm working on that. So ya, I feel a unqualified to make EqD, and a little guilty to even submit my fic. I feel like by submitting my story to EqD, I am placing it on the same shelf as all the other great stories that EqD has featured, and I do not think I deserve that. I suppose it is ultimately up to the EqD quality checkers to decide all that, but I still feel weird submitting.

Even so, wish me luck. Ideally, my story gets accepted as is. I honestly don't know how I feel about revising it fully, or making any significant changes. I still have to tweak it, and submit it, before I can start worrying that though. I have heard that their quality checking process takes a while, so I don't expect to hear from them for at least a week after submitting. I will let you guys know when I have submitted it, and if it goes through, so stay tuned.

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Comments ( 4 )

i say you'll be fine, it's SFW, has a great plot, and is grammatically correct. Honestly, I think you're putting EQD on a way too high of a pedestal. Don't worry about it :P

688815 Probably so, and as idealist, I tend to pedestal things and then just gawk at them. :twilightsheepish:

Would you be willing to take a look at the few edits I make, once I'm finished? I'll mark them somehow, so you wouldn't have to go through the whole thing again. Probably, the new stuff will be blue highlight, with the old stuff left in place, just crossed out.

Pretty please? :duck:

688831 I'd be happy to for sure

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