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I am a stick figure created with a dumb backstory. I have subjected myself to writing My Little Pony fanfiction instead of going through with my destiny to piss off my creator.

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    You HAVE to watch this.


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    I found a troll today.

    Look for posts in the group "Human in Equestria" from a guy named Noc Sny.

    He needs to die in a rusty ditch with a Mongolian Death Worm.

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    Die Laughing

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    Okay, this is gonna be quick. I'm rewriting the first few chapters of Time's Up. I need to make them better, and I need to fix a few things.

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    This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, ever. Derpy coming to fruition doesn't even come close. Puppies die at it's splendor.

    Oh yeah, and Waddles the Pig is now best pony.

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Things that can make a boring HIE fic a little more interesting. · 6:48am Jan 7th, 2013

The human in question happens to be a psychic
The human is a small baby
The human is for once a small girl fan of MLP
The human is a wiccan or witch
The ponies are completely terrified of the human instead of curious
The human carries a gun
The human is deaf
The human has a disorder (ranging from ADHD and ADD to being mute and autistic)
The human is some sort of scientist
The human is actually a person who in our society has disappeared (i.e. famous kidnappings or just plain disappearances)
The human is 'alien' as in they are human but having a completely different society
The human has to go through nine months asleep before actually waking up, so the ponies do things with his body before they wake up.
The human is from a different time period
Equestria is in a different time period
the human carries malaria or some other horrible disease
A group of anarchists end up in Equestria and are bent on destroying all reason
A human who who comes from a world in which horses do not exist
The human is the present President of the United States
A cowboy goes to equestria

That's all I got.

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Comments ( 2 )

Nice... have a 'stache :moustache:

What about the ponies have biologically 'built' a human based on myths and legends of them? Or has this been done already?
Ha, shows what I know.

709998 Y ou do know that I posted this blog on a sticky thread in the group Humans in Equestria, right? Anyway, these ideas weren't meant to be completely original, they were meant to be ideas that are either seldom used or never been used before. You might wanna check out the thread post though, there are more ideas.

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