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  • 495 weeks
    I'm coming back (with some bad news too)

    The Good News
    To those of you who have followed me, and are reading this blog post, then I would like for you to know that I am still alive and I intend to start writing again. I have achieved several important life goals, including completing my bachelors degree.

    The Bad News

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    Those semi-steampunk space shoes

    For anyone who receives or read my blog...

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    Will be stepping back into these space shoes very soon

    Had some major delays, mostly related to life. I've determined that guitar is my instrument, so there goes fifteen to thirty minutes of my day right there. (As well as a good part of my money, as I have Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.)

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    Stargazing (Pt. 1)

    So tonight I felt like stargazing. Astronomy had always been something of an interest of mine, but I've just begun to be mature enough for actual backyard astronomy instead of sitting in a chair, staring at a screen and oohing and awing at how beautiful the universe is with color enhanced images from Hubble.

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  • 567 weeks
    Status Report

    Here's how I'm seeing my current stories, for those that are interested:

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Suggested Reading, part 1 · 5:10am Jan 7th, 2013

So, some notes on my selection of books.

The Stars, a childhood favorite. I always like the nighttime sky better than the daytime one, and dreamed of becoming an astrophysicist. I still want to, but in this economy it may be infeasible take a traditional route.

The Fieldbook which would be "A Colt's Guide to Nature". Even though FiM is a North American show, and the Scouting Movement has done a lot to develop me as a person and a citizen, I'm not sure if there would be a pony equivalent to Gen. Badon-Powell and the Scouting Movement.

Griffith's Quantum Mechanics. In my field there's about two or three books for each class, and since I'm taking undergrad quantum in two weeks (thus beginning my imprisonment) it seemed appropriate.

Basic Geometry is just one of those titles that seemed appropriate for a school textbook. It'd be one of those old style textbooks, from back when a person who went through primary and secondary school was considered well education and most of way towards being a skill tradesman or a gentleman.

... if this story ever got a TVTropes entry, it'll be an interesting one.

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