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    Notice #1: No Im not dead. Notice #2: Well maybe, I'm not sure.

    Well, hello again everyone. Its been sometime since I last said something. For the fans that have been with me for a long time, thank you for your dedication. And for the fans that are fairly new, thank you and welcome. So lets get down to business, what you guys REALLY REALLY want to know:

    "When will the next chapter of TYSH be out you lazy SOB?"

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And They're Off.... · 6:15am Feb 26th, 2012

Ok, wow second day and my fanfic has over 550 followers. I am speechless, I can't thank you guys enough for this it means a lot. Now as you have probably noticed I am on the Ditzy Doo side of the fanon, other places haven't been very accepting of this and this is the first place where it has. Now enjoy the following Ditzy pics:

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i dont care if you call her ditzy or derpy its darn good story

Ditzy/Derpy I'm not too picky about it. Although I did see one story where Ditzy and Derpy were two different ponies. And those for pictures has earned this blog this:

Personally, I'm partial to Derpy, but the story is sweet, so I don't even care about that little preference.

Note! I personally like the using of Ditzy more than Derpy, but they both mean the same pony we love :twilightsmile:
Besidess, the new voice Ditzy is in my opinion better than the old one. I only care that her eyes stay the same and that part has been already taken care of.

As long as Ditsy is A-d'awwwwwww-able, either spelling makes me happy.

Gotta agree with some people, I like Ditzy Doo better than Derpy Hooves. Don't know why, it just sounds better to me. Either way, you rock man.

I used Ditzy Doo in my first fic, and can't remember which I used in the second. Nope. Still used Ditzy Doo. Wait a second... Ditzy Doo... Daring Doo... Le GASP! *posts, and runs off to write a new fic.*

y r u suprised? it is an awesome story! im writeing a story where (i should say spoiler alert, but its really obivous) rarity, ditzy, and an asortment of less important (and some nonexistant) charecters get turned into devil-fish, aka sirens. but its been pending aproval for like 3 hours. anyway, you are awesome, please write more! if you do you will receive cake... and muffins

20346 I do have more stuff written but it needs to be edited first, next week I will (probably) post the next chapter

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