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Serious Question to my Watchers · 5:58pm Jan 3rd, 2013

Not sure who else to ask, really, but this goes out to anyone who feels like answering. Especially other authors.

How much of a review should I put my stories through before publishing them here?

My usual approach has been to go through 1-2 reviewers I haven't talked to before, and fix up whatever they find before posting a story. For the last story I published, however, I forewent that under the assumption that even if I missed something, it wouldn't be that big of a deal to fix it. That last story was Lavender, and, as many may have noticed, I missed several HUGE things regarding character and plausibility that were NOT easy fixes.

The reason I ask is because I have several stories that have been waiting for publishing for a long time now, either because I have no cover art image (guaranteed to result in passing-over on the front page) or because I just can't get a reviewer or editor to look at any of them. I'd like to show some kind of productivity, but after that last fiasco...

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My personal opinion is: as many as it takes to get it all right.

But failing that: until you're satisfied with it.

I like to have 1 dedicated reviewer with access (Usually someone I've run over the plot with) while I write and a pack of 3 or 4 review after I finish. But most authors I edit for have a pack with access while they write.

I do like having fresh reviewers when I'm finished the chapter just because it lets me know if I've removed or changed something I shouldn't have during my editing of the chapter. (I haven't done it in a while but I used to rough draft, then re-write)

Oh and my best piece of advice, buffer your chapters. Have one under editing while you're writing the next chapter, then when that one goes into editing post the previous chapter. It makes sure you never have to edit a published chapter.

I might be available for editing if you need me, feel free to PM me

I havn't done much writing on my stories yet but my rule of thumb is to at least have it go though a proof reader and editor, cause there are a lot of grammar nazi's on FimFiction.

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