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Brony, gamer, and I want to design games when I grow up. I have a WILD IMAGINATION and sometimes like to write. If I do write please don't be afraid to criticize me. :) /)

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  • 351 weeks
    I'm back

    HEYO... yeah. So, I, loopertooper, have recently been getting through my first year of college. And now that it comes to an end, I have wanted to get back into writing stories. SO, Expect at least some updates, focusing more on Software and Three Slices until I find my notes somewhere in my room that detailed my plan for OC's. Well see you ponies later, Pce

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  • 454 weeks

    Hello everypony, loopertooper here. Just wanted to post that I'm now an admin for a group (Luna Help us All ;)) So everypony should check out the group bronies united. OTAY!!

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  • 455 weeks

    Working next chapter of 3 Slices of Pie..... update on the way

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  • 457 weeks
    Running Low

    So i just checked my emails and found that i have 3 un-used OCs, unless i missed one. So I need more or OCs are magic is gonna end too soon/ ill have to make up my own. I don't want to do that because the entire point was to use other people's OCs... So if you got one (OR MORE) than plz email me them. thanks (also If you want to steal a friend or family members OC, thats fine with me.)

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  • 459 weeks
    In the Name of Celebration

    Happy Easter, all my followers be joyful.
    ALSO: I've begun writing next chapter of Pie and OCs be joyful; AN UPDATE IS COMING.

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New story idea · 3:03am Jan 2nd, 2013

Hey guys, loopertooper here, just thought of a new story
It is about a stallion who is an outcast that is noticed by fluttershy and she takes care of him. He tries to live in solitude away from other ponies, but she always joins him and keeps him company. Kinda a different fluttershy, like that she feels she needs to help so she is a little more enthusiastic than usual. So thoughts on this thought? leave a comment

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So basically what Pinkie did to Cranky?

671954 kinda but fluttershy isnt looking for a friend, just to take care of him.

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