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  • 180 weeks
    A scheme for monetizing fanfiction website

    You want to read stories and you want to read good stories right?

    Look at patreon. They harvest lots of small amounts of money and gives it to creators. It makes money by taking a percentage.

    Fanfic is slightly different because it has a glut of creators. You cannot support all of them. In fact don't want to support most of them.

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  • 306 weeks
    New Story (The Rise of Demon King Spike)

    So... You see like three years ago I had this idea for a story. I thought this idea was really obvious and I wasn't really feeling it so I decided to just sit back and let someone else write it.

    Then about a week ago I browsed around looking for this story.

    Oddly I couldn't find it.

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  • 322 weeks

    I'll be going to Bronycan on Saturday and Sunday. I seem to have committed an error in attending without ensuring I had people to meet there.

    Cons are a bit more like bars then I had expected.

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  • 342 weeks
    The Campsite

    It was a road like any other. It stretched between two settlements in the periphery of Equestria. Specifically it connected a minor hamlet that capitalized on an exotic fishery and the village where the nearest market was. Here it was the middle of such a road. Roughly equal distance between the two locations were few ponies traveled and fewer still met.

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  • 364 weeks
    The perfect honeymoon

    At last Shining Armor was alone with his beloved bride. He ran his eyes along her luxurious pink coat, her perfect figure, the bold wings that marked her Princesshood and at last lingered on her soft and kind eyes.

    Her lying eyes.

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After the Sun has set · 7:27pm Jan 1st, 2013

The moon stood tall and proud in the sky over the broken castle. Dark winds howled and lesser beings hid from fury of winds.

“How can thee choose them over us?” the darkness demanded.

“Because it is right to do so!” the Unyielding Sun called out with all of her strength. The light of day flashed and five stones sparked impotently.

“They will not answer thou! You know they will not act in an unjust cause!” Again the dark swept forth to catch the light.

The day yelped in pain as she dodged. Pain not from any external attack, but within her heart.

“Stop this,” the Princess of the Sun demanded.

“Never! Not until we have what we deserve!”

Celestia stumbled as she landed. She fought to break the tie that bound her. A tie forged in love.

When she sought little one lost in the forest. The silly filly that refused to eat her cabbage. The only one she could ever share her own doubts with.

She wrenched at that bond within her and screamed as it cut her.

“Desist, I implore thee!” the light was uncertain as to whom she was addressing.

“Nay, says I, I shall have the love that I deserve and I care not for the consequences!”

With an unladylike grunt from the Princess of the Sun the bond gave way. Sunlight flashed and five became six.

“How! How can thee love them more then me?”

“I am sorry.”

“It isn't a crush!” Twilight Sparkle screamed in fury as the power of the Elements of Harmony swept over her.

Celestia awoke in the dark. In her bed, in her palace far from the love of her student.

Taking a moment to humour her foolish heart, she let out a sigh.

“Pft,” came a voice from the foot of her bed.

“Is that you Luna?”

“Pft, I say to thou.”

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