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Making Progress in the New Year · 7:23pm Jan 1st, 2013

Happy 2013, for those of you using Gregorian reckoning and not, say, the Tranquility Calendar. :)

I'm settling back into a decent writing groove - I've been getting at least a thousand words a day down for the last few days, and increasing that number as time goes on. At this rate, in a week or two I'll finish this non-"Myou've" story in good order, post it, and will then be just about ready to jump back into the Myou've groove.

Using Google Docs seems to be working reasonably well, too; I'm getting some near-live feedback from interested pre-readers, which is both helping me avoid avoidable plot and narrative blunders, and is helping keep me motivated enough to /keep/ writing daily.

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All right! :pinkiesmile:

That's the one thing I love about google docs. You get to do the things you do, with other people to point out what you're doing stupidly. Or, you know... just hang.

Awesome :twilightsmile:

If you need any more pre-readers let me know (and this is definitely not a blatant excuse to see stuff early... :scootangel: )

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