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  • 451 weeks
    A Manticore!

    Currently working on the latest (apologetic pun intended) installment of Dark Operations. No certain date yet, but stay tuned.

    And yes, the title of this blog post is relevant. Sort of. Maybe. Not really. Don't read too much into it, it's probably just some dumb joke or something.

    SPOILERS :twilightsmile:

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  • 468 weeks
    Sorry for the dismal update times...

    Well, yeah, title says it pretty plainly.
    It is increasingly apparent that I am no TNaB when it comes to cranking out content.

    Anyways, yes, I am working on another chapter. I promise to (and will hold myself to this promise) that there will be another chapter before the month is out.

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  • 475 weeks
    Challenge Accepted!

    I've decided to take totallynotabrony up on his rather generous offer to use his ideas.
    Therefore, I am now writing "Dark Operations", number four on his idea list.
    No idea how far I'll get on this! Hopefully far enough to get TNAB at least a small amount of reading material.

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  • 478 weeks
    Ideas and other stuff

    This is probably going to be my first real blog post. All the other ones were kings crap. Mostly because I didn't go through with any of them.
    Not sure who will even read this, but who cares, I want to write it.:twilightsmile:

    So, first order of business: Ideas.

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  • 479 weeks
    Forget sleep...

    An idea pops into my head at 10:30. Now, I must write it.

    I have to actually finish something after all. Aside from Kayeka's cover, I haven't really finished a single thing...


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Here I go again... · 11:41pm Feb 24th, 2012

I am bored.

I mean, I've planned out the entire story arc of Absol-- I mean, Resugence... and began to rewrite everything.
And then I regressed into my current state.


I am not surprised, though. It's the age old story- Person begins something, person is really into it for the first week, person gets bored. (Person also gets assigned three research papers on three different topics within the span of the same month too, but those always get finished at some point) (Or they don't, at which point, crap.)

In any case, I'm going to try something else for a while. This time set in present day Equestria. Probably set around or near Fillydelphia. Has to do with a failed inventor and his wife.

And hopefully this will rekindle my interest in Absol-- Resurgence... and I can finish that.

This rough sketch of mine is relevant.

Probably. We'll see how this pans out.

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