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I am a stick figure created with a dumb backstory. I have subjected myself to writing My Little Pony fanfiction instead of going through with my destiny to piss off my creator.

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  • 381 weeks
    You HAVE to watch this.


    4 comments · 399 views
  • 383 weeks
    I found a troll today.

    Look for posts in the group "Human in Equestria" from a guy named Noc Sny.

    He needs to die in a rusty ditch with a Mongolian Death Worm.

    7 comments · 227 views
  • 386 weeks
    Die Laughing

    2 comments · 206 views
  • 390 weeks

    Okay, this is gonna be quick. I'm rewriting the first few chapters of Time's Up. I need to make them better, and I need to fix a few things.

    0 comments · 210 views
  • 391 weeks

    This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, ever. Derpy coming to fruition doesn't even come close. Puppies die at it's splendor.

    Oh yeah, and Waddles the Pig is now best pony.

    0 comments · 173 views

Even Smellier Crap · 12:54am Dec 28th, 2012

I'm sorry everyone, but due to life slapping me in the face again along with some weird technical difficulties, I am going to have to delete my story until tomorrow. Don't worry, I have the three chapters saved onto a different source. I will re-post it tomorrow. I offer my fullest apologies. I just hope Blueshift doesn't kick my butt for re-posting this story twice. Although, I did revise the first real chapter, so you have some slightly different content to look forward to tomorrow. And lastly, if ANYONE can find me a good picture of Discord holding a puppet of Finn and his friends I will personally hire a computer hacker to find out where you live, and I will come over to your house and give you a hug and a cookie. Goodbye until tomorrow.

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