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Happy Hearthwarming Eve! · 2:12am Dec 26th, 2012

Or Hannukah, or Christmas, of Yule, or whatever it is you ponies celebrate in this cold and blustery holiday season. :D

No doubt all of you are curled up by the fire with your loved ones and family, steaming cups of hot chocolate in hand/hoof. No doubt gifts have been given, recieved, open, and possibly put aside in the "Sorry Santa" bag (be sure to keep those receipts). But on this most festive of nights... I just wanted to say...


And a happy new year!

From everyone's favorite archivist

Totally did not need to be that big. :P

~Wisdom from the Dawnscroll~
Enter, man, and know me better!

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And a merry kwanzaa to you too.

merry christmas!

Good times. I am currently farting up an unholy storm of brainmelting death-scents following the most delicious Xmas cabbage-based dished and whatnot I've eaten over the last few days. The goose on Xmas eve was delicious, the deserts, the flavors, the noms, extra pounds I wish my girl was around to help be burn off (through cooperative hump-clopping) and all the good times

All in all I think only my fav Fluttershy quote can work here: *Yay* :yay:

Happy Hearth's Warming to you and all of your family.
(checks under the tree)
Darn, no new Slice of Life chapters. I must have been bad. :facehoof:


Im working on it. Gimme a few hours. :pinkiesad2:

667868 I've got patience. The last update was in August.
(checks site again)
The Princess Must Diet! :pinkiehappy:


*winces and dies inside* Please dont remind me... this has never happened before in my life. Stress levels have been through the roof because of it, and life has been sucky as a whole. Ive had my editors play psychiatrist just so I didnt have a complete meltdown.

Just... fml.

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