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    Notice #1: No Im not dead. Notice #2: Well maybe, I'm not sure.

    Well, hello again everyone. Its been sometime since I last said something. For the fans that have been with me for a long time, thank you for your dedication. And for the fans that are fairly new, thank you and welcome. So lets get down to business, what you guys REALLY REALLY want to know:

    "When will the next chapter of TYSH be out you lazy SOB?"

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    Guys, I have some bad news

    Alright everyone, I have something I need you to listen to. College has gotten a lot tougher, we all saw how long it has taken me to put out the last one and the one before, etc, etc, etc. So because of that Im stopping production on TYSH.

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    *Pssst* Hey guess what? More TYSH.

    So finals have officially ended! Praise the lord!

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On the First Day of Christmas Possiblydominator gave to me... · 9:12pm Dec 24th, 2012

...A release date for chapter thirteen. (1/1/13)

*Grumbles* And on the second day I'm going to whoop my co-writer's ass into shape and get him to write more...

Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season, I know I sure am. It feels pretty damn good to sit down at home, relax, and take a break from school for awhile. So you guys should also be aware that I am in the process of completing chapter 14 as well, so yeah. That's cool too.

I would also like everyone to remember what I said in my bio, " If you want to know something I will be happy to give an answer EXCEPT FOR WHEN A NEW CHAPTER IS OUT!" Again, you can beg all you want, but begging doesn't translate into progress. Free time translates into progress. I will tell everyone when a new chapter is going to be released, so you guys don't need to worry.

Final note: I guess my Santa hat Ditzy avatar is finally relevant.

I would post pictures, but they have been disabled. So instead I give you this [...Link...]

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Comments ( 7 )

I think that the update only affects the pictures you post in the comments.
My blog pictures work fine.:rainbowwild:

I just realized the person posting this is Possiblydominator. :facehoof:

I'm sure I said it elsewhere, but this is something I love to read more than anything else here so any update is pure gold. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::yay::raritystarry::scootangel::twistnerd::eeyup::moustache::derpytongue2:

And have a Merry and safe Christmas as well.

im able to post comments with pics just fine, and blogs with them just fine to:twilightsmile:

Merry Christmas, possiblydominator! I look forward to all of the story to come!

P.S. If you're staying up for New Year's, post chapter 13 right as the clock strikes 12. That would be awesome!

646783 You know I might try to do that

646880:rainbowkiss:PREASE DO EET.

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