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Insomnishy · 8:02pm Dec 24th, 2012

It was past eleven on Hearth's Warming Eve and Fluttershy couldn't sleep. She tossed and turned under her covers, she stopped tossing and turning and just lay still, she tossed and turned some more but in the other direction... but it was no use. Sleep refused to come to her, so in the end she just lay flat on her back, wide open eyes staring wistfully up at the ceiling.

Then she had an idea. She'd try counting sheep! One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, all jumping over a lovely wooden fence in a beautiful meadow -- a meadow with green, green grass that swayed and bent in the wind, and with a bright, happy sun dancing across the blue sky, passing puffy white clouds. And in the clouds -- birds -- eagles and falcons and jackdaws and jays and pigeons and every other bird from the robin and the hawk to the rare and brilliant shining phoenix.

And in the meadow below, sixteen sheep, seventeen sheep, eighteen sheep, all leaping over that fence, baaing in that funny, cute little way that sheep do, leaping with perfect grace unlike their species but nonetheless delightful to watch and quite mesmerising. Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two. Baah baah baah! All the sheep smiled and none of them fell.

But enough with the sheep! This was a meadow of the most idyllic sort, home to all sorts of other wonderful animal friends! Bunnies and geese and goats and butterflies and tortoises and turtles and buzzards and hardeedars and kangaroos and koalas. And platypusbears and dragoturkeys and even parasprites -- but nice, friendly parasprites that were just cute and didn't eat everything -- just regular sprites, honestly. And even lions and tigers and manticores, but friendly docile ones that contentedly munched on grass instead of the thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six sheep flying over the fence.

All the animals she could imagine, playing together in that meadow in perfect harmony as the sheep leaped over the fence. And Fluttershy, fluttering about all her animal friends, petting them and cooing to them and talking to them and learning their names and translating them into pony language (for Fluttershy knew that that was the only proper, respectful way to name an animal friend).

And her friends would be there, Twilight and Rarity and Rainbow and Applejack and Pinkie, and so would their pets, and they'd all giggle and frolic and even Rainbow Dash would be quiet and gentle with the animals and by this point Fluttershy was the widest awake she'd ever been. She blinked a few times before looking down to see her hooves planted on the floor and the blanket lying where it had been flung half a metre from her bed.

"Oops," she said to herself. "I suppose I got just a teensy bit carried away there..."

She looked at her bedside clock. It wasn't even midnight yet.

Happy Hearth's Warming, everyone.

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Author Interviewer



Hmm, maybe you should collect these as a story. Like this.


You weren't expecting just bears were you? That would be weird.

Way ahead of you.

Author Interviewer

It's brilliant. :D

Cute! Thanks for posting, eh!

I feel compelled to point out the so many obvious flaws in this, but I will reserve my criticism for your real fics instead. Everything shall fall before my mighty editorial wrath. I hope you're satisfied. First, however, I'm going to go comatose for a few hours, hallucinate vividly, and then maybe suffer amnesia about the whole experience.

Read your badfics later
Or feeling ashamed sooner
Ezn make me sleepy


Probably for the best. Honestly, I barfed this forth in less than half an hour because I couldn't get to sleep.

And good luck reading all my stuff. A lot of my newer fics are quite short, though... I look forward to anything you have to say about them.

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