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I think I'm going to write the rest of the evening. · 1:51am June 22nd

Worst boss fight of Shadow of the Erdtree so far.

This cheap piece of shit is bad boss design. Period.

Anyone saying otherwise must really love the feeling of their tonsils massaging Fromsoft's scrotum.

Modders, hope you're updating your content with haste.

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What even is that? A demonic hippo?

Pretty much.

My character is staring at this fucker's tonsils before I can even get my spirit ash summoned.

Heheheh wait tell you find the fire and magic boss if this guy annoys you you'll need a new controller after her.

Like I said, I'm really hoping my slow pace allows the debug tool and my one mod to get updated.

As soon as the Lifesteal Hand of Malenia is updated, I am shamelessly putting that back in.


A New Game 0 Level 713 character shouldn't be getting two- or three-shot. End of story.

A Hippo as a boss, never seen that before. 🦛


(Sees the boss name: Golden Hippopotamus)

Huh, how about that? Though to be honest, Golden Hippopotamus sounds like anything but a video game boss.


Which is surprising, because a real-life hippo will fuck you up.

Ng+1 level 200 and I'm not getting really getting 2 shot anymore after actually putting on armor and defensive talismans. Thing still hit like runaway freight trains but I find being right on top of the boss at all times helps a lot they seem to punish that short to medium range a lot more. I'm talking like clipping into there model close.

Can’t see it much in the image, but you might be exaggerated just how bad the design is...

That's a hippo, maw wide open, charging before you can pop any potions or summon an ash spirit.


Sounds comparable to an enemy attacking you before it gets onscreen in a 2D game. Look, you just have to already know it's there. Come on, miles, haven't you heard of repeat playthroughs?

Actually, serious question. Does the game let you use potions or ash spirit summons outside of combat? Because if that thing goes "Surprise, motherfucker!" and you only have literal frames to react, that's fucked up.

You can use potions anytime. It's been debated whether or not some enemies have input reading, because some consistently rush you the moment you try to back off and pop a potion. (Drinking a potion takes about a second and a half to two seconds.)

Ash summons are generally only available during boss fights; there are shrines in the ground (usually near the entrance to the boss area) that lets you know you can summon an ash spirit, or another player, if you're playing online (I was online for the first five minutes of my first playthrough, then very quickly decided that the messages on the ground everywhere were too immersion breaking.)

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a hippo!

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