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I am a stick figure created with a dumb backstory. I have subjected myself to writing My Little Pony fanfiction instead of going through with my destiny to piss off my creator.

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  • 387 weeks
    You HAVE to watch this.


    4 comments · 404 views
  • 389 weeks
    I found a troll today.

    Look for posts in the group "Human in Equestria" from a guy named Noc Sny.

    He needs to die in a rusty ditch with a Mongolian Death Worm.

    7 comments · 229 views
  • 392 weeks
    Die Laughing

    2 comments · 208 views
  • 396 weeks

    Okay, this is gonna be quick. I'm rewriting the first few chapters of Time's Up. I need to make them better, and I need to fix a few things.

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  • 397 weeks

    This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, ever. Derpy coming to fruition doesn't even come close. Puppies die at it's splendor.

    Oh yeah, and Waddles the Pig is now best pony.

    0 comments · 176 views

Just wondering. · 6:28am Dec 24th, 2012

Does anyone else feel like life is going through a loophole?
Does it feel like to anyone that dubstep is going to act like jazz music did to classical people, and will soon become the new music that everyone listens to?
Does anyone else think Plants vs. Zombies is a weird game?
Does anyone else ever think that in any part in time we're seeing all these cool things, but then we can't remember?
What if the chicken knew the dangers of crossing the road, and that his only future held a KFC bucket, so he crossed the street to try and get to the 'other side'?
Is the Internet starting to lose it's luster?

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