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PC gaming is freaking awesome. · 5:16am June 20th

Not sure if I've ever said that before.

So, I'd say about 98% of my time in Elden Ring has been legit. No mods, nothing. Then around hour 275 I grabbed the Lifesteal Hand of Malenia and started speedrunning with it on NG+8.

But when I started reading reviews of Shadow of the Erdtree that NG+ characters will get absolutely spanked in the DLC area, it made me reconsider buying it. Because my one and only character is at Level 713 on NG+8, and it took about 260 hours to get him there, and I had no desire to start a new character and spend hours gearing them up to get ready for Shadow of the Erdtree.

Keep in mind, the entrance to this DLC is after a boss that 2/3 of Elden Ring's players have not beaten, as it is well off of the beaten path.

Well, today at work, I had an idea:

Fire up the Elden Ring Debug Tool, and get a new character leveled and geared as fast and illegitimately as possible.

This is why PC gaming is awesome. Because what took me 250 hours to accomplish the first time, only took me about 50 minutes to do a second time with debug tools. I then spent about four hours gearing this new character up and getting the specific bosses beaten.

I'm ready.

Mod or not, NG+ or not, I'm ready.

You know, unless something catastrophically breaks in the update tomorrow because I never disabled the Lifesteal Hand of Melania mod.

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KMCA #1 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Welcome to the PC Master Race... I guess.

Oh I've been a part of the master race for over a decade.

Just gushing about one of the perks.

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