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  • 6 days

    New chapter for Flash is out, the fun and depraved little Blink-verse story.
    Read it if you want to see Twilight suffer in a fucked up realm of her own corpses.
    Other stories are going, slowly.

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  • 5 weeks
    Message. Update. Notice.

    I crashed and burned out for a bit. Still not 100% back in the saddle, but I'm getting comfy again.

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  • 32 weeks

    Quarter through next chapter of Project Sparkle.
    Going through an update of Blink with a reformatting, it's been sorely needed.
    Welcome To The 'Verse is probably about halfway through its next chapter.
    A few other concepts are being toyed with as my brain pukes them up. Sci-fi space-y type things.

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  • 37 weeks
    Update (Again!)

    New Spike At Your Service chapter dropped.
    Everything else, as usual, in progress.

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  • 37 weeks

    New chapter of Moonstruck out, fun little lewd-Luna story.
    Everything else is slowly getting there.

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Message. Update. Notice. · 6:05pm June 17th

I crashed and burned out for a bit. Still not 100% back in the saddle, but I'm getting comfy again.
Project Sparkle, Blink, Welcome to the 'Verse, Shadow of Equestria, and Spike at your Service are all in varying stages of completion on their next chapters as I flitter about between them as I'm wont to do, however an update for them is in the pipeline. How soon they will land is up in the air, but I'm not dead and I'm getting things done bit by bit. Just letting you all know.

Comments ( 6 )

Ayy glad to hear it!

Good to hear from you again.

Always good to know how to organize oneself. That said, 'Moonstruck' remains my absolute favorite by a wide margin. It's so absurd that it does a full 180 back to incredible.

Moonstruck will get an update when my brain figures out a decent route between the plot points I've got drafted.

That's fair. The writing style is so unique, I imagine that maintaining it is more mentally taxing than normal. (capitalization of 'Us' and 'We', lol).

Getting to my notifications somewhat late, but hey! That's great news! I'm definitely looking forward to more Project Sparkle writing.

We all burn out now and then, to varying degrees. I don't think I've lurked /fimfic/ in over a year, last I remember was something about Reviewfilly wearing socks and being a power-bottom at a con. But the ride never ends.

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