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    No Man's Sky 5.0

    So, Hello Games, in their typical fashion, stealth-dropped the 5.0 update to No Man's Sky today, and apparently this is just part 1, with more coming later this summer.

    All planets have dynamic wind now, with plants and grass being affected.
    Water is now volumetric, with waves that intensify during storms.
    Asteroid density has increased substantially.
    Clouds look amazing now.

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    Tell Your Tale: Hall of Mare-ers

    This week... Ugh...

    (Rant ahead.)

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    My brain sometimes...

    "Hey Miles, you want to try 100%ing a game you've historically been pretty mediocre at?"

    Well, sure. Just like writing fanfiction, that takes up time and doesn't cost any money.

    For some reason I'm tempted to try getting all achievements in the 2015 remaster of Resident Evil 1.

    First one I went after was the five-hour achievement.

    I died eight minutes in.

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    Surprise blog! I'm on a podcast in ten minutes!

    If you don't have anything to do on this Saturday evening, then perhaps come on over to Twitch where I'll be a guest on a podcast in about ten minutes discussing ponies and fanfiction until who knows when!

    This is an up-and-coming show, so thanks if you can come on over!

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    Shadow of the Erdtree: My Verdict

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Tell Your Tale: A Swing and a Misty · 11:25am June 13th

My inner shipper is squealing.

If you've wanted Alphabittle, Haven, and their respective kids to become a new family unit, this episode is for you.

Comments ( 14 )

That was a good episode.

Misty could definitely benefit from a mother and a couple of sisters.

Does Izzy count as a step-sister since Alphabittle was technically taking care of her for so long?

If so that means Sunny is the only one on the show without any family.

When I first watch it, it was good

I've been absolutely waiting for an episode like this! Zipp saying they could be sisters some day and that they needed to look out for each was everything I ever wanted.

I definitely like this episode and I really like how they really spend time together with each other

I find it kinda coincidental the short was vacation related as I just came back from one myself where there were a few moments that didn't go as planned as what Pipp, Zipp, and Misty went through.

So we've seen this kind of story before in TYT. We've seen it with other characters, and we've seen it with these four (the royals plus the new stepdad). And after seeing it again, I can't help but think that if it was my family on a trip that went this awry, we would bitch. We would all bitch.

I will agree though. It's nice to see them do an episode with Misty as part of this family. And as a plus, Pipp and Zipp have been through the whole "it doesn't matter however poorly our outing went, at least we did it together" thing and imparted that lesson to Misty.


Are we counting Sunny, Hitch, and Aunt Figgy? No? We're drawing the line at step family and adoptive family? Fair enough.

You know, there's an era of family sitcom where Alphabittle would look fondly at the girls in his life and think, "I want a son too." In this case, he'd be distracted from that train of thought by the innocent chaos that Izzy would bring to their family outing.


Are we counting Sunny, Hitch, and Aunt Figgy?

Well I haven't seen the show, so this is my first time hearing about Aunt Figgy.

Favourite episode alert!

The cutie mark light show kinda ruined it for me though.

Yeah, these cutie mark poems/chants are wearing a little thin at this point.


It might be Grandma Figgy. From the Winter Wishday special.

Annoyed Misty is so cute.

Talking with her face smushed. :twilightsmile:

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