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    Fic recs, July 20th!

    Noted author Lucky Seven could use some help!

    Scribbler has done a reading of BlazzingInferno's First Act, with a whole bunch of people!

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    Fic recs, July 12th!

    Maybe I should just switch to posting on Fridays. c_c For one, I wouldn't be competing with PaulAsaran, but more importantly, I can't seem to remember to post on Thursdays anymore. >_<

    Also what the heck are those ratings, oh my god :O

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    Fic recs, July 5th!

    TheQuinch has done a reading of Cold in Gardez's The Destruction of the Self!

    I spent all of yesterday collating the hit singles of 1967 and forgot to post! c_c;; On the upside, extra review!

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    State of the Writer, June 2024!

    Another year older and deeper in hecc D:<

    I kinda forgot to write this up yesterday. :B For no good reason. The reason being that I was not having a good day lol

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    Fic recs, June 27th!

    gotdang, errbody be postin' reviews today! :B but hey, a normal review blog on a normal Thursday, what could be nicer? :D

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Fic recs, June 2nd! · 2:31pm June 2nd

Fic writer Mica is looking for someone who can speak English and Burmese!

I get to go visit my friend in the hospital again today, yaaaay! :D

Oh wait, I meant the other one. D: At least it's not a relapse into alcoholism, yaaaay! :'D

I'm also very facepalm-emoji about the milestone I'm hitting with this blog. It took me half the year to get here? /)_< But yeah, back to somewhat-regular review posts! I'll probably aim for next Thursday to get back to the previous upload schedule. :)

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Liar, Liar, Apples on Fire by Monochromatic
Reading by VisualPony
Genre: Episode Followup Comedy.Shipping
Rarity has a question for Applejack.
Oh, this was pure indulgence for me. :D I love a good short comedy based on the author thinking too much about a single line of dialogue from a throwaway gag. Plus, it's Rarijack! From Monochromatic! Will wonders never cease. :) Lots of fun, especially if you enjoy Rarity picking on AJ, which I definitely do, shipping or no!

Unattached by Silent Whisper
Reading by Lotus Moon and Scribbler
Genre: Dark Immortality Angst
All of Twilight's friends and family are happy she'll live forever. But they aren't the ones who have to deal with it.
So, this does fall into the immortality angst category, but I'd say it's a good example thereof. I of course don't gel with the "death makes life meaningful" stuff, but that's just me. What this has to offer beyond such is an original look at just what being immortal, being unable to die, actually looks like. And that was pretty cool, if dark and a tad gross, but the story is tagged well at the start, so you'll know what you're getting into. If you want to see a creative take on what living forever means you'll actually have to live through, here you go!

...But Can She Run Doom? by WhatDidIJustRead?
Reading by VisualPony
Genre: Random PoE Comedy
A pair of human scientists test the limits of unicorn magic.
Well! It's about time someone made this joke! You'll have more fun with this the more you know about old-school first-person shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein. I mean, I don't know what "Freeman's Mind" is, but I do at least know Half-Life, and that helped as well. The rest is… well, I'd almost say it's what you expect, except I didn't expect any of it, really. That said, it doesn't come to much of a point, and the punchline if you ask me is actually in the author's note. Really, I'm just amazed it took until 2019 for this story to happen.
Recommended for Laughs

A Beating Heart in the Shadows by Lunar Spice
Reading by Eighth Flame
I agree with the comment left by Sparrow9642 on this reading. He's got issues with enunciation that might not have been so bad had he not also been pitching his voice down and doing that breathy, chesty thing you do when trying to emphasize how dark and dire a situation is, and the reverbed-out monster dialogue was unintelligible. I do hope he uses further readings to practice both aspects however! :) There's no better way to learn than to try!
Mature: Gore, Violence, Death
100th Review of 2024!
Genre: Horror
A creature stalks sleeping ponies.
It took a great deal of effort to come up with that short summary, because there just isn't a whole lot that goes on in this. Now, I will say that the creature, what little we get of it, is at least original. It's got a couple of interesting things going on. The problem is that this very short story is basically just a proof of concept, introducing us to this thing, and that's really it. Were this an SCP, it would receive criticism for being "a thing what kills you". Yes, there's a smidge more to it, but it's not presented in a way that puts the focus on those things, or gives the reader anything to be surprised by. So, I can't say this had much of an effect on me.
Not Recommended

Castles Have Feelings Too by Zubric
Reading by VisualPony
Genre: Random Comedy
So it turns out Twilight can hear buildings. And they're very opinionated…
I have to say, I love the idea of Twilight being able to hear her castle's thoughts. Any explanation for that damn eyesore is a good one, in my book. The one this story comes up with though… Ehh, I mean, it works for silliness factor, it just doesn't really play into anything but the castle, so like. Why not just go with the castle being sentient? Instead of inserting something completely random and new into previous canon? Regardless, this is a fun way for us to take a look back at a couple classic scenes inside the crystal castle playset, and the ending is pretty darn funny.
Recommended If You Like Weird Comedies

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Comments ( 11 )

Yay milestones! Doesn't matter how long it took, you get cheering! n_n

And hope your friend(s) are okay.

Now off to see if these are stories I've read/remember reading.

100th Review of 2024!

So… might this be the only time ever where I've reviewed more fic is a year-to-date than yourself? If you go back to your schedule as you stated you intend to at the blog's top, probably! :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, nothing in this quintet that really interest me, though it's not surprising Mono would make good stuff out of a throwaway line like that. At least where Rarity is concerned. :raritywink:

As for the only other Recommended? Read too much immortality angst to get won over by another unless its got a glowing endorsement. Sure, you know yourself! :scootangel:

Never read any of these. I think the two Recommendeds are "hmm, maybe, I guess" ones for me. The "...But Can She Run Doom?" title made me laugh, but if the fic doesn't have much else then I'm not sure I'll read beyond said title. Not a lot else to say, tbh.

Comment posted by PresentPerfect deleted June 2nd
Author Interviewer

he is, thankfully :) back to his usual self and just waiting on tests

And that's totally fair!

I'll be amazed if I hit 300 this year D:

Liar, Liar is indulgent silly fun, and there's nothing wrong with that at all.:eeyup:

Author Interviewer

quite so, quite so! :)

Ending spoiler, but I am glad she could run Doom.

wait, I didn't realise you did reviews too! :pinkiegasp: (found out through PaulAsaran :P )

Author Interviewer
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