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State of the Writer: May 2024! · 11:31pm May 31st

Didn't write nothing! clapping emoji!

My surgery was on the 22nd, and it went well, I'm still in recovery for technically the next week and a half or so, but as of this week I'm already feeling back to normal. Which I have to keep reminding myself I am not, lest I overdo something and hurt myself. <_< I am at least following the discharge instructions, so no worries about that.

Sometimes, I wonder if I could just walk away from all this. What would I miss? What would I regret? Would I regret anything? Because I sure don't seem to be keeping up my end of the... I hesitate to use the word 'bargain', but I definitely feel I've been falling down on the job, as it were. :P And to be clear, this is personal expectations, not anything anyone else has said or done.

My only plans right now are to paint my nails and get a pedicure for a pride fest randomly dropping the weekend of my birthday. Never been more excited to have a birthday, not since I was a kid anyway. So that's a nice change! :) Happy Pride Month!

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You are absolutely not dropping anything! Fuck those personal expectations, they're liars.

Glad the surgery went well, ditto recovery. And yay pride pedicures!

Congrats! Happy pride! :yay:

iisaw #3 · May 31st · · ·

Heal well! :twilightsmile:

As usual with this topic, I don’t have anything particularly helpful or insightful to add. Just not something I’m well-versed in or know enough people who have been through to to have picked up more than some loose bits n’ bobs, you know? Obviously you’re one of those few. :twilightsheepish:

So I’ll simply offer my support, bud, same as always. And can’t argue with looking forward to a birthday, even from such things as those! Do enjoy, and best with the last stretch of the healing too.

Ooh! What color are you gonna paint your nails? 😯💅

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We all pone down here.

you take it easy :pinkiesmile: surgery is tough on a body. And writing comes and goes, just remember how much fun you have with it!

also yay nails and Pride :rainbowdetermined2:

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And then, last night, my friend went hoptal! D: what a day!

I've got a metallic pink and a metallic orange and Imma do 2 of one and 3 of the other, and not symmetrical either! :3


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