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Tell Your Tale: P + P = BFFs · 2:42pm May 30th

This week, we've got a... Somewhat touching Posey episode?

Think this would benefit from a longer runtime. I also laughed harder than necessary at Izzy in the very beginning.

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This isn’t criticism of the episode, just me being me, but I got bored a minute and fifty five seconds in, so was it ever explained how those bracelets even worked?

Phazon #2 · May 30th · · ·

It was fine for what it was, and they're finally doing something with the boardtrot. Or at least I think it's the boardtrot. Not a fan of the title though. The target demo is going to see their initials and think "peepee." The slightly older crowd who would reasonably age out of TYT might liken it to the sort of school-age summer relationships where the two would carve their initials inside a heart into a tree. Oh, but it says BFF? Sure they are.

"We could hang out today."
"No, you gave me three stars in your review of Mane Melody. Fuck you, so much, Posey."

Happy Posey makes me happy. :pinkiehappy:

I also feel like episodes of My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale should've run for 11 minutes instead of 5-6 minutes long.

And maybe not be that fantastic episode but it is a very nice one especially Posey getting her happy moment and even having another friend

Phazon #7 · May 30th · · ·


If you go to Coney Island with a friend, and you're both wearing these enchanted friendship bracelets, each activity you do together earns you a little ornament on your bracelet.

That's about all I got.

⬆️This⬆️ so much. 5 minutes maybe 6 if you include the credits isn't enough time to tell a decent story. I mean, it's not impossible, but even 7-8 minutes would allow some of the best episodes like the one with Sunny's mom to be more than a flash pan concept.

You pull 10 minutes and for this episode maybe Posey could say why she seems to struggle having friends, maybe she's secretly a fan of Pipp but didn't want to appear weird when some of the most vocal supporters are half Posey's age.

G5 has been at both ends of the same problem:
Several TYT episodes are too short.

And most of the MYM specials (the 45 min ones) are entirely too long and drag on needlessly.

Finally something good comes Posey's way!
From the MYM Halloween episode, Posey mentioned something about her bestie Windy. And now Windy trots off with somepony else...


It was fine for what it was, and they're finally doing something with the boardtrot. Or at least I think it's the boardtrot. Not a fan of the title though.

How else would you horse-pun the boardwalk?

Enough ponifying names!



No, I meant the episode title. And where did "Enough ponifying names!" come from? Who is that quoting?

So, watched the whole episode and... meh, half of it was just a song. These guys seem to be ignoring Allura.

Coney Island? Seriously, that’s the name? And I was more referring to how they work, as in whether or not Izzy used magic on them or if it’s another cutie mark thing.

Some people are just tired of the pony puns, both in and outside the fandom.

The show has been just meandering around lately and not really doing anything major lately.


That was just a joke :twilightsheepish:. Pretty sure it's just the boardtrot off Maretime Bay.

And they're probably just enchanted. If it were cutie mark magic, the scene would've shown them glowing.

I'd honestly have meandering than the insane pace of MYM Chapter 6.

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